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Please Consider Helping Out A Fellow Mississippi GeekDad Writer


As some of you might know, Geek Alabama has many partners on the internet, including the website GeekDad.  Now, one of their writers from Brandon, Mississippi needs some help.  Late last night, GeekDad writer Tony Sims and his family suffered a terrible loss as their home and all of their possessions were destroyed by fire. GeekDad is a very close-knit community of writers and readers and a second family to some. That’s why it pains them to see a member of the GeekDad family suffer tragedy and causes us to jump into action to help.

GeekDad contributor Tony Sims and family need your help after a fire destroyed their home.

According to WJTV, the fire broke out in the garage as the family slept. Fortunately, a neighbor was able to wake the family and everyone was able to make it safely outside. Aside from a family photo album, everything was a total loss. Tony, his wife and kids (daughter, 7, and son, 11) could use their support getting back on their feet.

GeekDad has setup a Fundraising campaign to assist in donations for the family. If you can, please consider donating to a family in need. Please share this story so the GeekDad community can come together and show their support.

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