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Check Out The My Little Pony 100th Episode Stories From WTVY-TV


Our friends down in Dothan at WTVY-TV CBS 4 have done some excellent pieces about the 100th episode celebration of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.  In their 4th Dimension section of their website, which any geek and/or nerd should check out, they have four stories about how the My Little Pony fandom has changed lives, made other lives better, showed off some artwork, and talked about Equestria Girls.

The first story is a look at the hit show and interviews some fans of My Little Pony.—Friendship-is-Magic-Hits-100-Episodes—A-Look-at-The-Show-and-Its-Fans-306509221.html

The second story takes a look at the My Little Pony spinoff films Equestria Girls.—Friendship-is-Magic-Hits-100-Episode—A-Look-at-the-Equestria-Girls-Spinoff-Films-306660551.html

This third story takes a look at the Brony community and what it does for charities!—Friendship-is-Magic-Hits-100-Episodes—A-Look-at-Charity-in-the-Brony-Community-307169481.html

And this last story shows off some fan work of My Little Pony with a video!—Friendship-is-Magic-Hits-100-Episodes—Art-From-the-Brony-Community-307336301.html

And make sure you visit the 4th dimension every day at:

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