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The Journey Begins: See The First Episodes Of Titansgrave: Ashes of Valkana


Geek and Sundry have put out the first episodes of the RPG adventure called  Titansgrave: Ashes of Valkana.  There are two videos for you to enjoy below!  Episode 0 is a 20 minute introduction to Titansgrave.  He goes over everything you need to know about this series!  You get an introduction to the basics of role-playing games, the Fantasy AGE system, and the characters and lore that make up the world of Valkana.  Whether you’re a seasoned RPG player or newcomer to tabletop games in general, don’t miss the prologue to Titansgrave: Ashes of Valkana!

Then there is episode one!  Wil Wheaton is the narrator and he is joined by Aankia (Hank Green), Kiliel (Alison Haislip), Lemley (Laura Bailey), and S’Lethkk (Yuri Lowenthal).  In episode one, Under the recommendation of Gurlock the Beer Baron, the party ventures off to Nestora, where they find themselves swept up in a festival of sorts called the Battle of the Boasts. Adventure, excitement, and free beer await our heroes, but the good times only last for so long.

You can expect plenty of camera angles, wonderful animations and storytelling, and some good voices!  I am going to enjoy this 10-episode series, and you will too!  It’s 41 minutes of greatness!  New episodes will be available on the Geek and Sundry website mid-week, and will be on their YouTube channel on Fridays!

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