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Animation Monday: Transformers Robots In Disguise

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This week, let’s talk about the new Hasbro Studios cartoon Transformers: Robots In Disguise.  The cartoon is produced by Hasbro Studios and Darby Pop Productions in the United States, and animated by Polygon Pictures in Japan.  It is a sequel to Transformers: Prime, yet it is absolutely different from the latter series.  The latter series was Transformers: Prime, and there are some big differences between the two cartoons.

For starters, Prime was all CGI computer animated, in this new series, the animation is more like a cross between video game animation and Japanese animation.  The Autobots and their animation is pretty good.  But the animation for the humans almost seems a little video game like.  The animation features a lot more shadows, lines, and details than what you see in other cartoons.  I think the animation in this show is better than the animation you see on Prime.

As for the writing and storylines, they are getting better.  The first episodes featured Bumblebee as a beat cop with Strongarm as a cadet.  They arrest Sideswipe for vandalism, and soon these three along with Fixit and Grimlock are on Earth.  The reason these Autobots are back on Earth, the prison ship Alchemor crashed scattering its Decepticon prisoners across the world, so it will be the job of these Autobots to capture these Decepticon prisoners.


The Autobots are staying in this junkyard in what looks like Northern Europe.  The town is called Crown City, and you know the Autobots don’t want to be discovered and cause panic with the people.  I think the story writing and plots are okay, but it’s something that I am not dropping everything to watch the latest episode.  The biggest problem is it airs at 5:30 am Central on Saturday mornings.  Not getting up that early!

So far, I find Transformers: Robots In Disguise as an okay animated series.  Producers Jeff Kline and Adam Beechen are doing a good job with this series, it’s just the way too early premiere time on Cartoon Network might be hurting this series.  And with Cartoon Network, you can’t watch the latest episodes unless you or your parents have cable.  So it means some are having to pirate this series.  So, comparing this series to Prime and Rescue Bots.  I think this series is better than Prime, and I find this series as equal to Rescue Bots.

Well, the series is starting to tell some more character development and good animation, I have some high hopes for this series, let’s hope this show will last for a while!

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