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Did Android Steal A Video Clip From Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary


UPDATE: Noah’s Ark posted this on their Facebook page:

We just spoke with the director of communications from the advertising agency that created the commercial, and she was extremely kind and understanding. *They did legally obtain the footage from a third party (BBC)*. A few miscommunications were cleared up and when asked how they could make this situation right, we simply asked that all sanctuaries whose animals were used be given due credit and positive publicity, and they obliged. THANK YOU, Google Android, for doing this!

Google’s company Android is running a series of video ads that are going viral and have millions of views on YouTube.  One of their “Be Together, Not The Same” ads is called “Friends Furever.”  And the ad has over 7 million views on YouTube.  The ad features animals of different species being friends.  And the ad has tugged the heart strings of all animal lovers.  But, there is a problem with this ad.  Are some video clips in the ad used without permission?

One of the video clips at the :51 mark features Baloo and Shere Khan at the Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Georgia.  Geek Alabama has been there and the animals are really cool!  The folks from Noah’s Ark posted a Facebook update telling everyone that Google did contact them to use the video clip for one of their ads, and they said no.  Apparently Google went ahead anyways and used the video clip without Noah’s Ark permission.  Yes, Noah’s Ark is happy to see the tiger and bear on TV, but the ad never told anyone about Noah’s Ark and what they do.  Here is what Noah’s Ark said on their Facebook page.

Regarding the Google Android commercial featuring Baloo and Shere Khan, we are so disappointed to inform you that when asked for permission to use the clip, we said no, but it was used without our permission anyway. We love seeing our boys on TV, but all we wanted was recognition of our sanctuary so Noah’s Ark’s animals could benefit from such massive exposure. Just imagine the donations that could have been received if our logo or website was mentioned?!? That would have been amazing and many more animals could have been helped by such a small act of courtesy. We only hope that Android will do the right thing by our “BLT” and make a donation in return for the extra exposure they’ve gained, and product they’ve sold by using Baloo & Shere Khan’s loving faces in the Android commercial. We have contacted them but have yet to hear anything back.

So, Noah’s Ark has contacted Google, but nothing has been responded too?  And that is wrong!  Since Google went on and used Baloo and Shere Khan in their Android ad, which has over 7 million views, Google should send some of that money they are making to Noah’s Ark, they could really use it!  Many people on their Facebook page have left comments like sue them or lawyer up.  For Noah’s Ark, from now on I would put a watermark on your videos before you upload them to Facebook!  And for all of us, contact Google by going to:, but since their contact forms are so hard to use, you are better off calling them at: 650-253-0000

By the way, if you enjoyed the ad, maybe you can make a donation to Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary at:

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