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Movie Review: The Interview

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Thanks to the whole Sony hack thing, The Interview was not only released at some theaters, it was also released online!  So, I got to see the movie online, and I am going to talk about in great details below, so if you don’t want any spoilers, don’t read below the picture, SPOILER ALERT!


The movie starts off with a young girl from North Korea singing about bad things towards America.  And yes, that is a rocket launching behind her!  The movie then features a variety of news anchors talking about the missile launch.  Then, we see a Hollywood type celebrity interviewing other Hollywood type celebrities.  Dave Skylark played by James Franco, is the host of the talk show Skylark Tonight, which interviews celebrities about personal topics.  Seriously, Eminem being gay and Rob Lowe being bald, I don’t think we should be crazy about those things!

During the Rob Lowe interview, the feed is cut to go into breaking news, and even more cuss words are said!  Just in the first 10 minutes of this movie, I counted numerous cuss words being said by many people!  The show’s producer is Aaron Rapoport played by Seth Rogen, and he put out a call to North Korea to have Dave Skylark meet the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.  So, Aaron Rapoport travels to remote China, and a helicopter flies in from North Korea, only to tell Aaron that a one hour interview, supplied by the supreme leader, will be granted, that was it!  And I found that weird and funny!

So of course, Dave accepts the task!  So, why was Dave saying interviewing people like Hitler was the first rule of journalism, and you take it by the you know what?  While watching the movie, I felted like Dave needed a reality check!  And after seeing him and Aaron partying with drugs, women, and booze, Dave needs to be knocked on the head!  Of course, after recovering from a party, the CIA shows up asking Dave to drug Kim Jong-un to death.  They received training on how to use a strip laced with ricin, but they failed that test quickly!  They arrived in North Korea, and from the time Dave and Aaron arrives in North Korea, they are shown things that are false, like a fake grocery store and fat kid.

Dave hid the transdermal strip in a pack of gum, but a North Korean officer chews the strip.  So, the US Military flies in more strips via a drone.  And Aaron goes to retrieve it, and sees a tiger that gets killed by the package.  And the weirdest part of the movie is upon us, when Aaron has to put the package up his butt.  Wow, that was gross, and laugh out loud funny!  Before the interview, Kim Jong-un tries to woo Dave Skylark, with the good things about North Korea, like using a tank, or playing a basketball game.  Aaron sees this as not good, but Dave is still too delusional in his Hollywood world.  And during that party with those kids playing guitars, seeing that army officer being killed by ricin, and another officer shot in the head, was gross!


Aaron tries to knock some sense into Dave, and Aaron even tries to poison the supreme leader himself, but nothing changes, until Dave attends a dinner with Kim Jong-un, and he shows his very evil side!  During the dinner, Aaron was having some whoopee time with Sook while having the ricin strip on his hand, that was funny to watch; and we finally see Dave see that fake grocery store, and he finally gets some sense in his head!  To get ready, Aaron and a lady stocks up on weapons, and hooking up.  And Dave follows the script Kim Jong-un laid out, until Dave begins to grill the supreme leader.  By seeing him cry, and messing his pants, and enjoying Katy Perry, the North Korean people saw that this person was no God.  While this was happening, Aaron and Sook was trying to keep the satellite feed on, and the other guys were biting the fingers off of Aaron, gross!

Kim Jong-un shoots Dave Skylark, which freaks out everyone.  Seriously, why would people freak out on a Hollywood wannabe?  Anyways, Dave was wearing a bulletproof vest, and Dave, Aaron, a puppy, and Sook escape, with the help of weapons, and a tank shooting down the helicopter with Kim Jong-un in it.  And the last part was interesting, what if North Korea changed, and opened the internet to everyone, and allowed free and open elections?  That is something I hope we will see in our lifetimes!  As for the movie, expect to see plenty of cuss words, nudity, violence, sexual activity, and other adult things.

This is a movie no one under 18 should see!  The movie had plenty of funny moments, but there is no Oscar worthy moments in this movie.  And I can’t see why people from North Korea would want to see this movie taken down?  I am glad to see The Interview being shown!  And some people are calling the seeing of this movie as an American duty, and something every American should do!  This is not a movie you should go out and see right away, but if you are looking for something gross and funny to watch, enjoy The Interview!  Watch the movie on YouTube by clicking here!

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