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An Open Letter To Michael Schuette, And People Who Hate Veterans


Something is in the water here in Anniston.  I mean, we had that event where Keith Maddox harassed cyclists on the side of the road.

And the economy in Anniston/Oxford is one of the worst in America.  I have been talking about this for a while now.

Now, someone else here in Anniston did something not so good, and he is getting a lot of hate online.  Michael Schuette, who co-owns Outlaw Gun Repair and Hydrographing, and runs the Facebook group Outlaw Guns, posted something on his Facebook profile on Veterans Day.  What he wrote demonized all American veterans, and said all veterans are not American heroes, and are trained to kill for profit.  He also said veterans never thought for his freedoms, and fought for corporate interests.  You can check out his full post below!

Veterans Day rant

So, Michael Schuette, and all the people who thinks all American veterans are not heroes, and only fight for corporations, let me say this.  Veterans fought for our right to be free in America.  Who knows, if America did not win World War II for example, we might be all speaking German, and being persecuted because of what Hitler likes, or dislikes.  America is grateful to have men and women, who volunteer to join the five branches of the US Military.  These people sacrifice their family and friends, to keep America safe.  We have seen people being sent to wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and come back with PTSD, or are struggling and are homeless, because some employers do not see the value of an US veteran.

Heck, some US veterans are homeless.  For example, I met one US veteran, who was homeless, and was carrying a few big bags late on Veterans Day.  This guy was just going to spend the night at the train station waiting for the Amtrak train the next day.  I talked to someone who might help this person, and the person I talked too got the veteran a hotel room for the night, and made sure he made the train.  All people, including me and you, should be thankful for the men and women who thought for America, and they should be thanked, and not struggle in life because some people do not value the assets of a United States military veteran.

I wish all veterans would get more help with mental health, general health, employment, and housing.  The scandals in the VA is a disgrace to America, and I am glad to see changes starting to take place inside the VA, but more needs to be done.  Veterans Day is one of the days every year, including Memorial Day and the 4th of July, where we thank all men and women, who fought for our country.  These people go through a lot, on the battlefield, and after they are discharged.  We Americans should at least thank these people who thought for us.  And we should make sure all veterans live a healthy and successful life, and have basic needs met after serving our country.

Michael Schuette, what you posted on Facebook was a disgrace to America.  I have read what others are leaving on the comment section of your website, here are some of my favorite comments.

You are a sorry UnAmerican piece of s***! You publicly sound off about hating vets? You’re a special kind of stupid aren’t you? Don’t you know there is a reason why we call each other brothers and sisters?? No, no you wouldn’t. You must be dumber than a bag of hammers with the handles broke off.

You have the freedom say anything you want. thanks to our service men and women. You also have have the freedom to sit in that business of yours and rot, waiting on customers cause we got the freedom to drive on by. douch

You sir are unbelievable. My dad is a Veteran. Both of my grandfathers are Veterans and I am very proud of that! It’s people like them that give you the freedom to post c*** posts like you did today. Feel free to pack up and move to a country where you don’t have the freedoms that our fallen heroes and Veterans fought for you to have.

You have won the award for the stupidest comment in fb history! Congratulations on being a hater of vets. May God have mercy on you because a marine won’t!

You exorcised your freedom of speech. Can’t argue with that. Now you can face the consequences of it.

So, you hate Vets huh. Happy to help spread the word about you and help boycott your business. Semper Fi

Next time don’t bite the Vets hands that feed your freedom of speech….they bite back.

Well was gonna leave a dirty comment here but preeeety sure thats covered now. Im so glad all us worthless soldiers are willing to fight to defened your freedom of speech. As you can see we also have freedom of speech. Whats funny is even though you spit in my face i would die for you if necessary. Why? BECAUSE IM A SOLDIER.

Yes, Michael, and every other American, has a right to freedom of speech.  But, with that freedom, comes responsibility.  So Michael, enjoy seeing your business going into the ground, because what you posted will result in a dramatic downtown in your business.  And to wrap up this post, Nathan Young and Geek Alabama thanks all who served this country, thank you for your service!

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  1. I served four years in the U.S. Air Force and ten years in the National Guard. I have two honorable discharges. What Michael Schuette said is correct. I joined thinking I was protecting freedom. I know different now. People must read “War Is a Racket” by retired United States Marine Corps Major General and two time Medal of Honor recipient Smedley D. Butler.

  2. I think I know where Michael was coming from, aside from being drunk or high or both when he put finger to keyboard. Yes, there are plenty of heroes here who are not serving in the US Military. Not all who serve are honorable, let alone heroic. But, not all firefighters or law enforcement are honorable let alone heroic. Bad people EVERYWHERE. But, all in the military volunteered to serve and agreed to put themselves in harms way if ordered to go. The great majority of those in the military never face enemy fire or come close to an area where the enemy lives. But mostly that is not each person’s call. You go where you are ordered to go. (I am a retired Marine, disabled in combat in Khe Sanh in 68). I don’t consider doing your job heroic, but to many others such a person is a hero to them. My dad was my hero because he was my dad, although I don’t recall him performing a particular heroic deed. For me a heroic act in the military involves risking your life for the sake of the mission or a brother’s life. Michael made a unimaginably stupid thing to demean veterans on Veterans Day and he must suffer the consequences. (We all know he won’t be making THAT error again soon). But by his words he shows he values heroes and heroic deeds. He obviously hasn’t had experiences in a combat zone and cannot appreciate that there are good people who joined the military to serve our country. I did. If politicians who send us to war are wrong to do so then we need different politicians in office. But, don’t mischaracterize honorable patriots who put their live in jeopardy as being unworthy of the title ‘hero’. And don’t demean people whose loved ones in the military ARE their heroes. I forgive Michael for his rant, though I won’t forget.

  3. Thanks for the comment! I agree, people in the military are just doing their jobs. They might not all be heroes, but they do a good and hard job.