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Watch A Webcam From Bermuda While Hurricane Gonzalo Strikes


A major hurricane is about to impact the island of Bermuda.  Hurricane Gonzalo is a category 3 hurricane with sustained winds of 115 mph as of 5 pm Central.  And as you can see below, Bermuda might have a direct impact from this powerful hurricane!

The eyewall will impact Bermuda tonight!  This will be the strongest storm to hit Bermuda in the island’s history.  There have been other storms that have come close to Bermuda, but they have not directly striked the island, this storm will be different.  If you want to enjoy a hurricane hitting an island, the YouTube channel PortFever has a live camera in Bermuda, and the weather is getting worse by the minute.  Keep in mind, it will be getting dark, and you will not be able to see outside, but you can hear the wind.  Also, the webcam could go down.  But for now, enjoy the webcam below!

Here are a few more images from Twitter.  Pray for Bermuda tonight!

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