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How To Help The Brown Family With Their Tough Situations


This is sadly making statewide news, and I needed to talk about this on Geek Alabama.  David and Ryann Brown have adopted two kids from the Dominican Republic to join their four kids they already had.  The family held yard sales, sold t-shirts, and many people donated so the family could bring the two adopted children home.  Their website  http://becauseofhisgreatlove.com/ has documented the story of adoption from start to finish and it’s a great read.  But sadly, something terrible has happened, and the community is coming back to support this family once again.

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UPDATE: Latest update. Noelle (4) – has bruised lungs and will be staying overnight. Rebekah (8) – has a brain bleed. They have drilled a hole to relieve some pressure and allow the blood to drain she is also on a ventilator and are waiting 48-72 hrs to know the full extent of her injuries. She is in a coma, but they've also sedated her. Sarah (9) – is at Children's in Birmingham. We just got the report. Sarah needs so many prayers. She has fractured both ankles, pelvis, vertebrae, both eye sockets, fractured skull, brain bleed, and bruised lung. She has a gag reflex which is good and her pupils are trying to dilate which they take as a good sign. They are taking her to surgery now. (I have heard she is out of surgery, but no further updates.) Micah (5) – passed away. Ryann (the mother) was still holding him. Ryann (mom) – her heart is broken – no other injuries that I'm aware of. Y'all my heart aches for this sweet momma, please keep praying. Storm the gates of heaven, pray for miraculous healing for these children, pray for peace for this mama's heart, pray for this daddy who I'm sure feels so helpless, pray for these new siblings (they were not in the car), pray that their community loves them well through this….PRAY! #stormthegatesofheaven #pray #myheartachesforthisfamily #adoptivefamily #adoption

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On Monday afternoon, their 5-year-old son Micah, was killed in a crash near Hampton Cove Elementary School.  Three of their daughters are still in the hospital, two are in critical condition. (8 year-old Rebekah and 9 year-old Sarah)  And one is still in the hospital for observation. (4 year-old Noelle)  Their two children who were adopted from the Dominican Republic were not involved with the crash and are safe.  Now, the family is going to need help to pay for hospital and funeral expenses, and a GoFundMe account has been set up.  As of 4 pm Central on May 13th, over $23,000 has been raised, but their goal is $50,000, and they are going to need it.  Donate to the GoFundMe account at:  http://www.gofundme.com/94wk7o

All money donated will help the family with medical, gas, food, and other costs.  There is also a Caring Bridge page set up for medical and family updates, you can view the updates and sign the guestbook at: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/thebrownfamily2

Please keep the Brown family in your prayers, they are going to need your prayers to help them get through this tough situation.

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