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Stamp Out Hunger 2014 Is This Saturday


Each year, all letter carriers in the United States Postal Service system collects canned and non-perishable food items on one day and takes the donated food to local food pantries.  On the second Saturday in May, more than 175,000 letter carriers in more than 10,000 cities and towns across America collects the goodness and compassion of their postal customers, who participate in the NALC Stamp Out Hunger National Food Drive — the largest one-day food drive in the nation.

Led by letter carriers represented by the National Association of Letter Carriers (AFL-CIO), with help from rural letter carriers, other postal employees, and other volunteers, the drive has delivered more than one billion pounds of food in the past 20 years.  And with one in six Americans either living at risk of hunger or not knowing where their next meal will come from, the Letter Carriers’ Food Drive is just as important today as the first one was back in 1992.  Most everyone who gets mail should have already gotten a flyer to remind you of Stamp Out Hunger on Saturday May 10th.  But if you have not gotten a flyer yet, here is how you can participate in Stamp Out Hunger.

To donate, just place a box or cans of non-perishable food next to your mailbox before your letter carrier delivers mail this Saturday.  Items requested the most includes canned meats, canned vegetables, canned fruit, soup, peanut butter, dried beans, rice, and cereal. The carrier will do the rest.  The mail carriers will then transport the donations back to their Post Offices where postal employees and their families will sort the food and deliver it to their nearest community food banks.  With more than 50 million people facing hunger every day in America, including nearly 17 million children, this drive is one way you can help those in your own city or town who need help.

If you can, please donate some food to the ones who need it this Saturday!  Learn more about Stamp Out Hunger at: http://about.usps.com/corporate-social-responsibility/nalc-food-drive.htm

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