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Good News Fridays: The Tonight Show Fallonventions

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is a late-night show you should be watching!  Yes, you get some laughter and funny stunts, but you also get some great games, and great guests!  And on the Thursday night show, Jimmy Fallon brought three more kids/teenagers who had some great inventions!  The segment is called Fallonventions, and three young people who are very smart showed off some creative inventions that you could see down the road.

10-year-old Jessica Holte invented the EZ-Moo Milk Dispenser, an easier way to get a glass of milk without lifting the jug.  15-year-old Suman Mulumud showed off his Steth IO smartphone app, which visualizes and saves sound clips of heartbeat sounds.  And 10-year-old Braden Ensign developed the Pizza Decrustifier, which removes the pizza crust from a whole pizza and cuts eight even slices as well!  The three kids also got $5,000 from GE to help them with their education, not bad!  In the three videos below, you also see Jimmy Fallon showing off some of his inventions, which includes knee backpacks and headlights for your shoes.

I am glad to see Jimmy Fallon doing a great segment like this.  Even though it’s late at night when his show is on TV, you can check out the three inventors below right now!  For the kids out there, be creative!  You never know if a wacky invention you come up with becomes a huge success down the road!  Use your brains and enjoy the videos!

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