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Sunday Discussion: Why I Support A Space Jam 2 Movie

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Who remembers the first Space Jam movie?  The movie starred Michael Jordan as he and the Looney Tunes played as the Toon Squad in a match against The Monstars on a basketball court in Tune Land.  The Monstars came from a place called Moron Mountain, and if The Monstars won, Michael Jordan was destined for a lifetime of shame at that rundown amusement park.  Since this was a family friendly film, you knew that the Toon Squad would win, and Michael Jordan returned to the NBA.

During filming of the first Space Jam movie, parts of the movie was filmed at the Hoover Met in Birmingham, where the Birmingham Barons was playing before they moved to Regions Field.  So yes, Space Jam does have a Alabama connection.  And since I was a young kid while Michael Jordan was playing with the Barons, I loved seeing Space Jam!  And the movie did very well down here in Alabama.  So to start off, if there is a Space Jam 2, I hope Warner Bros. will film part of the movie in Alabama once again.  There are plenty of places in Alabama where filming can be done!

In late February, several websites reported that a squeal to the 1996 movie was happening and LeBron James would star in the movie.  Later, the reports were retracted and people close to LeBron said the reports were not true.  The first report came from Deadline, which is a very reliable source for Hollywood news.  Later, LeBron said he loved the first Space Jam and he would love to star in a Space Jam 2, if he was chosen to star in the film.  So for now, we are left to speculate if a Space Jam 2 movie is going to happen.  So in this Sunday Discussion Post, I am going to explain why a Space Jam 2 movie would be good for Warner Bros. and kids and families everywhere!

Let’s start with the obvious.  Family Friendly films are doing very well in the movie theaters.  The last big family friendly movie, The Lego Movie, was animated by Warner Animation Group and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.  So, Warner Bros. is wanting to capitalize on the movies that are good for the entire family.  When Space Jam came out back in 1996, many kids nagged their parents to go see the movie.  And I loved the Space Jam movie!  These days, the movies that make the most money at the box office, are the ones that are oriented for a family.

Another reason, the Looney Tunes are still popular today.  You still see Looney Tunes reruns on Cartoon Network, and Tiny Toon Adventures on the Hub Network.  If the Looney Tunes were not popular today, your only option to see the classic cartoons would be online or on DVD.  Warner Bros. believes the Looney Tunes in a movie would bring families out to see the movie in theaters.  Yes, the last movie to feature the Looney Tunes back in 2003,  Looney Tunes: Back In Action, did not do too well, and the studio lost over $10 million on that movie.  But a Space Jam 2 would interest many people, and it’s because of this reason, the NBA!

The NBA is more popular than ever.  There are many stars playing in the game, and having a popular star like LeBron James in a Space Jam 2, would drum up a lot of interest.  And in our social media world, many people would be talking about Space Jam 2 on Twitter, Facebook, and other sites, no matter if the movie was good or bad.  So I hope Space Jam 2 happens.  And if it is made and released, I will go out and see it.  Because it would be a good family friendly film, and the theaters needs more good movies that the entire family would enjoy!

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