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Animation Monday: Looney Tunes | Happy Hare-lloween! | Classic Cartoon Compilation

This is Halloween week!  So to celebrate, I wanted to find some classic Halloween cartoons, and you can never turn down cartoons from the Looney Tunes.  Below, you can watch a compilation […]

If Space Jam 2 Happens, Please Make Sure You Film Some Of It In Alabama

Remember the first Space Jam with Michael Jordan.  Well, when the movie was being shot, part of the movie was shot in Birmingham!  It was because Michael Jordan was playing baseball with […]

Catch The Great Documentary About Looney Toons Director and Animator Chuck Jones

This was awesome to watch. The YouTube channel Every Frame a Painting put out a great video profiling one of the greats behind Looney Tunes, Chuck Jones.  Filmmaker Tony Zhou profiles the guy behind […]

Sunday Discussion: Why I Support A Space Jam 2 Movie

Who remembers the first Space Jam movie?  The movie starred Michael Jordan as he and the Looney Tunes played as the Toon Squad in a match against The Monstars on a basketball court […]

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