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Attend The First Meeting Of The Justice and Civil Rights Initiative of JSU


There’s a new group forming at Jacksonville State University and they have their first meeting tonight!  The Justice & Civil Rights Initiative of Jacksonville State University and President Ed Moore III, will present and address civil rights infringements concerning social, civil, and criminal issues on local, national, and international levels.  Ed Moore III has broadcasted at the university radio station WLJS-FM for the past three years and his time on the radio inspired him to form this group.

Today, Civil Rights is more than what happened back in the 1960’s.  Civil Rights is things today that effects many people.  And the first meeting is going to feature talk including putting fluoride in our water supply.  The group Fluoride Free Anniston is trying to remove all traces of fluoride from our water supply.  This group is a grassroots organization, of concerned citizens from all walks of life united behind the goal of eliminating the dangerous and costly practice of adding ‘hydrofluorosilicic acid’ to the water supply in the name of public health.  Learn more at: http://www.fluoridefreeanniston.com

The group will have Moore as president and JSU Student Government Association Chief Justice Torsten Dryden as the vice president.  The group will be based on the JSU campus.  And the group will be open to students and non-students alike.  The group is an established group on the JSU Group after paperwork was submitted in November, and soon the group will appoint executive members and adopt bylaws.

The first meeting of the Justice & Civil Rights Initiative of JSU will be held on Thursday January 16th at 6:30 pm at Merrill Hall in Room 101 in Jacksonville.  Learn more about the group at: http://www.jsu.edu/news/articles/2014/01/civil–human-rights-group-interest-meeting-january-16.html

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