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Animation Monday: Family Guy Major Character Is Killed Off

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When I watched the latest episode of Family Guy on my DVR late last night, I did not expect to see this ever happening.  But it happened.  Family Guy decided to mix things up and kill off a major character.  I am going into more details below so if you don’t want to know things you have not seen yet, SPOILER ALERT!


So Family Guy decided to kill off the dog Brian Griffin after more than 11 seasons on the show.  Brian was hit by a car while in the middle of the street and soon passed away at a vet hospital.  Yes, Brian is really dead!  I really thought Stewie and Brian were the two most popular characters on the show.  But the writers from the show wanted to remind fans why this show is still popular today.  I guess they were trying to take away some viewers from that other show The Walking Dead.  FOX released this video titled A Farewell to Brian Griffin.

So as of right now, most people are not liking this move at all!  Many people are sounding off on social media and wonders why Family Guy would kill off one of the most popular characters on the entire show.  In my opinion, he was one of the best characters!  The chemistry between him and Stewie was by far the best aspect of the entire show.  Brian was one of the best characters on the show especially since he was more down-to-earth on a very “silly” show and created a nice balance between the bizarre and the real.  The idea of this show without Brian, and defiantly without his “time travel” and “road” episodes with Stewie, doesn’t seem appealing.  Those were some of the show’s best episodes.

The backlash against Brian dying is even starting to affect show creator Seth MacFarlane.  Some people now have no respect for the show’s creator.  Seth has said in the past that he plans to eventually wind down Family Guy for good.  Is this the beginning of the Family Guy wind down?  Some people are even saying they will not watch Family Guy anymore until Brian is brought back.  To make things even more interesting, Stewie’s time machine is broke and he couldn’t go back and save Brian.  Why would Stewie destroy his time machine in that episode, I don’t get it.

The family went out to get a new dog named Vinny who is voiced by Tony Sirico from The Sopranos.  This new dog certainly has that Italian mob voice feel to him.  I don’t know about this new dog yet, I will judge Vinny after I watch a few episodes with him in it.  And if you are asking, Vinny will be taking Brian’s place in the opening credits.  Family Guy is not going to be the same without Brian the Dog.  I wonder if this was done because Seth MacFarlane voiced Brian and without him in the show, it frees up more time for him.  Or because this was done so fans would watch the show and talk about it on social media, and many people are doing just that.

To the folks who are freaking out and are creating backlash on social media, relax!  If you do some research on Google you see something that you should like.  In the upcoming episodes this season, we will see the return of Cleveland and hopefully the return of Brian.  Unless the producers were lying to us and those titles with Brian in them will be replaced with Vinny.  I think Seth MacFarlane has done something which he knew what he was doing.  He is getting the exact reaction input that he wanted. That episode was to bring up fan discussions of why and why not Brian should be written off.

Most folks are against the Brian departure, I would say a good 90% hates this decision.  The writers of Family Guy, I hope, have come up with a way to bring back Brian Griffin, most likely with the help of a time machine.  Like I said, I hope Family Guy will soon bring back Brian Griffin.  I am thinking we will soon see both Brian and Vinny living with The Griffins.  In most families, they have two dogs so the dogs have someone to play with.  I am thinking the writers are wanting to have two dogs in the show because it would make the show better and funnier.

Still, people are thinking Brian will never come back and they are taking their backlash to Twitter with the hashtag #BringBackBrian.  There is even a petition with over 21,000 signatures asking FOX and Seth MacFarlane to bring back Brian to Family Guy.  The petition creator is Aaron Thompson from Tuscaloosa by the way.  His Facebook page called R.I.P. Brian Griffin from Family Guy already has over 260,000 likes in under 24 hours.  See it at:

I hope we will see Brian Griffin in Family Guy again soon.  If not, the end of Family Guy will soon be here because many people will quit watching.  That would be a shame.  For now, I guess we will have to enjoy Brian on Family Guy reuns on Adult Swim.

UPDATE:  There is a new website called Brian Giffin’s Special Announcement.  It has a special countdown clock where a special announcement will be made in 10 days.  FOX has said this website is a hoax.  But could they be bluffing?  Visit the website at:

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