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Two Livestreams For Charity on This Saturday


Need something to do on this Saturday?  How about watching a livestream and donating money for charity.  There are two livestreams going on today that you should check in on!

Desert Bus For Hope


This livestream event started today and will go on for around a week.  Desert Bus for Hope combines video games and tedium to benefit charity.  Desert Bus is the world’s longest running internet-based fundraiser and has raised more than $1.2 million for Child’s Play over its six-year history. This makes it the most successful charity gaming marathon in the world.   The group will continue to play Desert Bus as long as donations come in.  In order to keep things interesting for their viewers they have live and silent auctions, giveaways and contests, celebrity guests, and a lot of silliness.

All of the money raised from The Desert Bus For Hope goes to Child’s Play, which is a registered charity dedicated to improving the lives of children undergoing treatment in the hospital with toys and games.  The charity supports a network of over 70 hospitals worldwide.  Last year, the group kept playing Desert Bus for around a week!  Starting on Saturday November 16th, the group will begin the 7th edition of this charity!  Let’s hope they can raise over $500,000 this year for Child’s Play!  Learn more about this charity and watch the livestream at:

Gaming For Good 


What do you get when you assemble an eight-hour palette of exciting and potentially rage-inducing video games, prize giveaways, and a fluffy altruistic cause? A splendiferous, pony-infused, video game–themed fundraising event of course!  Bronies for Good, in tandem with intrepid folks from Derpy News and Equestria Daily, as well as Everfree Network’s podcast hosts Emily Jones and Dpad Pony are excited to bring you Gaming for Good! A Brony video games–themed charity fundraising event benefiting the Seeds of Kindness 3 fundraising initiative!

Join their hosts with featured guests, and cadre as they delve headlong into your favorite competitive video games!  They’ll be playing Team Fortress 2 (competitive hat simulator), DoTA 2, League of Legends, Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition, Skull Girls, Papers Please, and much more!  Play your cards right and generously, and you’ll even be able to jump in on a few rounds as the bullets start flying and frustration keeps mounting, not to mention getting your chance to win steam games, pony swag, and more!  They’ll also be interviewing the development teams from both Legends of Equestria and Mane 6 to bring us the latest on their respective projects!

All money raised will go to the Habitat for Humanity’s Disaster Response Fund. Monies from this fund will go to the provisioning of emergency shelter kits to victims requiring immediate short-term shelter and long-term reconstruction efforts from victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan.  The livestream happens on Saturday November 16th.  To view the livestream go to:

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