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Video Roundup: Super Mario Parkour, People of Walmart, Duct Tape

Geek Alabama Video Roundup

It’s time for Video Roundup.  My top 15 videos of the week!

Super Mario Brothers Parkour

They can jump!

People of Walmart 3 – Music Video

Very accurate and funny video!

Top 8 Incredibly Quick & Amazingly Life Hacks

Great, but this is a parody!

How Animals Eat Their Food Part 2

Very accurate!

Asteroid Redirect Mission Concept Animation

Very cool stuff!

Make a Ramen Burger at Home


DUCT TAPE (DuckTales Theme Parody)

Great video, duck tape is awesome!

Awkward Family Photos: Greatest Yearbook Photos Of All Time

Interesting photos!

Jay Pharoah: I Am A Dog

Interesting video.

Miley, You’re a Good Girl – Jon Lajoie

Great song!

Will Mario, Link and Sonic Last Forever?

They will always be around!

Star Drunk – A Film By Drunk People

They are drunk.

A Letter From Fred Documentary

Great love story!

Inventions Made Better: Exercise Machine

Keep running!

Elephant Attacks Safari Jeep

Don’t be too close!

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