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Roadscapes Wednesday: How I Draw My Roads Video

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Ever since I started Geek Alabama, I have had a post showing you how I draw my road drawings from start to finish.  Today, I have taken that post to the next step by doing a video showing you how I draw my roads.  When I introduce someone to my road drawings most are very surprised in what I do.  And some think I have a weird hobby.  So I can get a little crazy talking about roads as well, I think of it as a way to express myself.  This is what I love to do; everybody has a crazy hobby they love to do and mine is one that only a few people do very well; and that’s drawing roads.

In the almost 19 minute video below, I show you how I draw my roads from a blank piece of white paper to a finished drawing.  After I get finished, the drawing will look like this!

roads 035

For the people who likes to read the post showing you how I draw my roads, click the link at:  Enjoy my video!


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