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An up and coming country music band is on a radio tour touring the southeast including Alabama and I thought they deserved a post!  Jetset Getset is made up of three female vocalists; Avery Eliason 15, Sadie Loveland 15, and Tori Little 16. The band’s rhythm guitar player Justen Jette 15, is traveling with them on the tour.  Yes, most of the band is made up of teenagers.  But don’t let their ages fool you, their upbeat songs have meaningful lyrics and the musicians play as well as most others twice their age.   Here is one of their latest songs titled “Saturday Night.”

Some people have called Jetset Getset the younger version of the Dixie Chicks.  It is a comparison the group welcomes, but not one they intended.  How did they get the name of Jetset Getset?  The name Jetset Getset started out as a play off of their manager’s last name.  They found soon enough that if you “Googled” Jetset, tons of crazy things popped up, so they added on Getset.  The group is based out of Dearborn County, Indiana and the group got its start in 2011 when music teacher-turned-manager Kelli Jette decided to assemble a young group to perform at local festivals, mostly for fun.  Soon, the group was venturing farther from home, as far south as Virginia and Tennessee and as far north as Minnesota, entertaining audiences with their pitch-perfect harmonies and precisely choreographed stage moves.

936801_575972542437415_2032337849_nIn the spring of 2012, JSGS was performing their signature song “Indiana Baby” on the nationally syndicated “Shotgun Red Variety Show” on the RFD-TV network, when retired country music producer and radio legend Jack Gale happened to see them.  Impressed with the group’s harmonies, Gale contacted Jette and asked if JSGS would be interested in signing a recording contract.  After conferring with the group’s parents, Jette said yes. Gale came out of retirement and reactivated his company, Playback Records, in Nashville.

With help from co-producer Jim Pierce, Gale and JSGS spent five days recording at the acclaimed Nashville studios Catch This Music and Sound Control, under the direction of engineer Mark Moseley.  The result is Jetset Getset’s first professionally produced album, “Saturday Night,” featuring 10 outstanding songs about life, love and friendship.  Some songs on the album, such as the anthem-like “Stronger” and the energetic “Think About You,” were composed by Jennifer Eliason, the mother of singer Avery Eliason, in collaboration with her songwriting son, Trent.  Others were written by established country music songwriters, including Britain’s Nelson King and Nashville’s Tom Paden, who has penned hits for Reba McEntire, Kenny Rogers and other country music icons.

The girls say they enjoy singing in a group more than they would if they individually pursued music careers because they learn from each other.  The Country Music Association has listed them as “Who New to Watch in 2013.”  Here’s hoping great success to Jetset Getset!  Learn more about Jetset Getset at:

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