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The Worst Video Game Ever Made!


Around a week ago, two people did something terrible by blowing up bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  Three people were killed and many other people were injured.  Some people even lost limbs.  So when the website decided to make the video game Boston Marathon 2013: Terror on the Streets, it shocked many people on the internet.  Here’s the video game trailer, warning, it has bad language and images.

Yes, the video game has you running as a Boston Marathon runner.  The goal is to jump over pressure cooker bombs coming at you.  Some of the background stuff like dead bodies, blood, vehicles, and even text on your screen can distract you.  If you get hit by a bomb, you explode, then you see this image.  I blocked some of the image out.


Along the way, you see plenty of disturbing images.  You will see dead bodies, people missing limbs, people blown up in half, bad words and images on buildings, the two bombers walking, and many more bad things.  I have found few images appropriate to be shown on Geek Alabama.  If you want to see some action from this game, look at this screenshot, one of the less offensive images from the game.


This has happened before after a major horrible event happens.  Some jerks out there decides to make a simple video game that gets many people upset.  Most of the time, the people who made the video game are young people who lack empathy and just wants a laugh.  I realize some people will say this video game is like other violent video games so what’s the difference?  But this game is offensive to all the people in Boston!  If you make it through this game, this screen appears.


Sure, this is a free country and the creators of this video game had a right to make this game.  But when you make a video game over a major terrorist event that happened one week ago, you disrespect the victims, the families of the victims, the first responders, the City of Boston, and all of America!  If the creators had any common sense, they would take this game off the internet!  These people exploited a national disaster and a dark time in American history.  This video game is one of the most despicable things I have ever seen!  Shame on the creators for even thinking about making this game.


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