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Good News Fridays: CNN Crossfire Coming Back?

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One thing hot on TV today has been debate shows.  Everyone loves talking about their views on everyday things from sports to politics.  CNN used to have a very popular show called “Crossfire.”  The show had several hosts from different viewpoints talking about the biggest news of the day.  At times, the show made news like this famous Jon Stewart clip from 2004.

I can see why CNN is thinking about bringing back Crossfire.  Debate shows have grown on multiple networks to big ratings.  One of these shows called First Take on ESPN gets great ratings as Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith debates on many sports topics.  At times, these debates can get heated!  But they do some good as well!

So if CNN decides to bring back Crossfire, make sure you bring in some people who have extreme views on different sides of the aisle. I would love to see a Rush Limbaugh vs. Jon Stewart show or a Sarah Palin vs. Al Gore debate.  See CNN, this is a way to bring your ratings back up!  It would make my day to see people blowing a bunch of hot air at each other each weekday.  It would also give me a laugh, and that is something we all need right now!  Come on CNN, bring back Crossfire!


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