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Southern #630 Locomotive in Attalla Alabama

On Saturday a piece of train history came to Attalla, AL.  The Southern #630 is a steam locomotive built-in 1904 by the American Locomotive Company (Richmond Works) for the Southern Railway.  It is a 2-8-0 Consolidation of Southern’s Ks-1 class.  The 630 was used on Southern for regular freight service until it was retired in 1952.  Then the locomotive was used for steam excursions until 1989.  The locomotive was donated to the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum by Norfolk Southern in 1999.  Shortly afterwards, 630 entered TVRM’s restoration shop (now Soule Shops) and underwent a thorough ten-year restoration — one of the most thorough restorations performed on a steam locomotive in the U.S. in recent years, including frame-work and complete running gear overhaul.  630 returned to regular service on TVRM in March 2011 and is participating in the “21st Century Steam” program instituted by Norfolk Southern.

In conjunction with the Southern 630 stopping in Attalla, AL.  The city also held Steam Engine Day which featured antique cars and a huge model train set for the people to look at!  Enjoy the photos and the video I did featuring the Southern #630!

Visit the Facebook page talking about the Southern 630 locomotive at: https://www.facebook.com/tvrm630.

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