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Video Roundup: Sleepwalking, Apple, Photos

Another week of Video Roundup is here!  Here are my top 10 videos for this week!

Mom’s Reaction to Her Sleepwalking

She needs to get this treated!

Johns Hopkins You’re Beautiful

Great video!

Gangnam Style Mom

These two have great dancing skills!

S**t Apple Fanatics Say

These are hardcore Apple Fans!

Cheetah Robot Runs 28.3 MPH

Very cool video!

Noah Takes a Photo of Himself for 12.5 Years

This was a good video!

Amazing Animated Optical Illusions

This person is very creative!

Mimosa Pudica Sensitive Plant

This is one weird plant!

Danny MacAskill vs. San Francisco

Great bike stunts in this video!

Elders React to the Mars Landing 

Great Reactions in this video!

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