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Animation Monday: Adventure Time

Right now is a very slow time for animation.  Most cartoons are on repeat mode due to the London Olympics.  And because the animators are getting ready for September when lots of new shows premieres.  But there is one show on Cartoon Network that is still airing new episodes every Monday Night.

Adventure Time is created by Pendleton Ward and is about the adventures of Finn who is a 13-year-old human boy and his best friend Jake who is a dog with magical powers to change shape and grow and shrink at will.  Finn and Jake live in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo.  Ooo is a fictional continent that was created after the Great Mushroom War.  In several episodes in the series the viewers do see Planet Earth; with a chunk missing from it.  The opening title to Adventure Time does show the nuclear bombs and the post-apocalyptic landscape.

Jake and Finn regularly interacts with several major characters in the show.  The Ice King casts magic spells involving ice and he likes to steal princesses in Ooo.  Marceline Abadeer is a vampire queen who is 1,000 years-old and likes to play the guitar.  Beemo is a video game console who lives with Jake and Finn.  Lumpy Space Princess is the princess of the alternate dimension called Lumpy Space.  Lady Rainicorn is a half-rainbow, half-unicorn creature and is Jake’s girlfriend.  And Princess Bubblegum is a bubble gum humanoid and rules over the candy kingdom.  The kingdom has many candy and sweet objects that actually live.

This series is very popular with kids, teenagers, and even adults!  The things that you see in Adventure Time is stuff you would love to do.  It kind of reminds you of being a kid; kids love to be creative, imaginative, and have lots of fun.  Each adventure takes place in a very strange land where you see lots of strange and weird characters.  And you see what it takes to keep the peace in the Land of Ooo.  Would you like to know what could happen to our world after a nuclear war?  Adventure Time can give you a glimpse in a world after war.  Plus the creators and writers really do come up with the unusual and craziest things to put in the show.  That’s why I like this show.  Watch new episodes of Adventure Time on Monday Nights on Cartoon Network.

And do you wonder if this is the terrible truth behind Adventure Time?  I hope not.

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