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One World. One Team. One Ride. in Alabama

I wanted to share something special that came through Alabama late last week.  A college student is riding a bike from Wisconsin to Florida to raise awareness for sports.  Matt Stoltz is wanting people to donate money and donate used sports equipment so he can send it to third world countries around the world.  Matt is doing this because poor people and poor youth can not afford the basic things needed to play sports like a soccer ball or a baseball bat.


The picture above is what some underprivileged youth have to do to play a game of soccer.  Sometimes they have to use tightly wound plastic bags in a shape of a ball in place of a soccer ball.  Or they have to use bottle caps and sticks in place of a baseball and bat.  The poor youth in places such as Africa, South America, Asia and Central America are so poor and underprivileged this is all they can afford to play sports.  Here is a video about what One World. One Team. One Ride. is all about.

Matt Stoltz got the idea to collect used sports equipment after going on a mission trip and has helped to collect equipment throughout high school and college.  And he got the idea to ride 1,750 miles from Wisconsin Rapids, WI (his hometown) to West Palm Beach, FL (headquarters of the International Alliance for Youth Sports) over the summer to raise even more money for the organization.  Matt and his friend Mitch McNaughton started the ride on July 1st and late last week rode through Huntsville, and into Geek Alabama territory in Guntersville, Albertville, Boaz, Attalla, Gadsden, Piedmont and along the Chief Ladiga Trail into Cedartown,Georgia.  Here is a picture of the state line along the Chief Ladiga Trail and Silver Comet Trail on their Facebook page.

I wish Matt Stoltz good luck in his project.  And I encourage all of you to go to http://www.oneworldoneteamoneride.com/ to read the latest updates on his ride and to donate!  Go to his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/oneworldoneteamoneride for updates as well!

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