Animation Monday: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Everyone should remember the show Mister Rogers Neighborhood on PBS.  Fred Rogers was a great success on his show.  We saw him on each episode enter his home and while singing Won’t You Be My Neighbor he put on a sweater and changed his shoes.

Mister Rogers Neighborhood was a very creative show.  The show did not hold back on tough topics such as a goldfish dying, feeling angry, divorce, wars, and other tough topics. But it also had a good side as well.  Many episodes involved going out into everyday life.  We got to see how things were made and done.  Many factories, shops, experiments, arts and crafts, and other things were explored during the show’s run.  Tuning in seeing how things were made and done was a highlight on the show.  And the piano and drum music all throughout the show was great as well.  By the way if you not seen the Epic Rap Battle of History between Mister Rogers and Mr. T.  See it below!

Each episode involved a trip to the Land of Make Believe by way of the neighborhood trolley.  That was the best part of the entire show.  Some of the favorite characters were King Friday XIII; Queen Sara Saturday; Prince Tuesday; X the Owl; Henrietta Pussycat; Lady Elaine Fairchilde; and Daniel Striped Tiger; among others.  Here is a video of the entire Make Believe set before going into storage.

Well one of the characters out of the Land of Make Believe is going to be the main feature of the new show Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood premiering this fall.

This new series will feature the kids of the original Land of Make Believe characters.  The original characters are now grown-ups and their kids will be going on brand new adventures.  This is going to be one show to watch when it premieres this fall.  Check out the web site below with several videos from the show.  Click on


Anniston Land Company Demolition

This morning the city of Anniston began to demolish the Anniston Land Company Building. This building which has been around for 100+ years is about to be history.  This is a sad time for Anniston.  At least some artifacts are being saved from the building.  It will take a few days to tear the building down.  So go by and watch history being torn down.  Or look at the pictures and videos I took below.

Fire at Cecil’s Public House

Early Saturday morning Cecil’s Public House in Alexander City caught fire.  The restaurant is a total loss.  This was one of the best restaurants in the entire city.  I often enjoyed the blacken and fried catfish.  The restaurant was going through some renovations when the fire occurred.  This is a big loss for the community and I do hope the restaurant will be rebuilt.  For pictures and videos of the fire click on the link.

A Day with Connie Schultz


When you do not have a job right now.  Yes it has been over seven months now since my last job.  And I am still looking for my 14th job in the last six years.  You have plenty of time to do things.  Thanks to the Anniston Star I learned that columnist and Pulitzer Prize winner Connie Schultz was going to be at the Houston Cole Library at Jacksonville State University.  So I did go and I am glad I did.  Lots of people turned out to hear Connie Schultz speak about her life and columns.  So I am going to show off some pictures and things she said.  First I want you to play a game.

Can you tell where my car is?  My car is white and at the end of the post I will reveal where my car is.  Can you guess?

By the way the Houston Cole Library has some great views of the surrounding town.

JSU Softball practice.

JSU President Dr. William A. Meehan and Anniston Star Chairman and Publisher Brandt Ayers said some kind words to Connie Schultz before she took the podium.

Connie Schultz revealed she reads her finished columns to her dog before she submits it.  A very interesting way to review your writings.  She gave some great comments to the JSU students and said they are bright beacons and she loves the kids.  She talked about how tough it is for female writers to get into the journalism business.  She has had to deal with negative opinions from some people.  She also said that all people are in common no matter what your political view is and I agree with that.  One of her memorable quotes is “What they call you is one thing.  What they answer to you is something else.”

She talked about her childhood and she really loved her parents.  In fact her parents died in their 60’s because they wore their bodies out.  Her parents worked very hard so the four kids can have a successful life.  She gave some advice for women dating men.  “Don’t marry him until you see how he treats a waitress.”  She also gave some advice to all the bloggers and writers out there.  You need to write some personal stories and columns. That is her best piece of advice she has gotten from people.  “If you write personal columns people will be calmer at you”; Schultz said.

Her saddest day of her life is when she had to put down her first dog.  And she is an activist for journalism and it is not a comfortable role for all of us.  She is grateful many small papers in the south including the Anniston Star has taken a chance on carrying her columns.  She also gave some political advice and said the country is full of good people.  And if you want Washington to work again the voters need to punish the extremists from both parties.  I agree with that!

She gave some great comments and advice to young adults.  She called them the most idealistic; socialistic generation since FDR.  And younger people are entitled to having an opinion.  She also told young people to not give up.  Give yourself some breaks and we have too much hurry in life.  Sometimes young people need to put down technology and have some face to face time.  She gave everyone caution to please embrace values in traditional journalism.  And she also told the crowd to tip people with cash.  Because if you tip them with a card some of it will be charged off.

Schultz said “you want to be the person to trust.”  She told the crowd that companies and writers needs to embrace social media and she wants all comments to not be anonymous.  Facebook comments are the best because you have a name behind the comment.  This stops the trolls and rumors from people who are hidden.  She also said that newspapers are having trouble right now and journalism is a group endeavor.  And that journalism will get through the storm and emerge stronger than ever.  The power of journalism is huge and Americans want to do the right thing but they don’t know how.

Connie Schultz told the crowd that everyone is full of stories.  How many Americans share their stories?  And that nothing will replace a good story.  Stories need to be told like a good song that people hum in their heads.

Connie Schultz lives in NE Ohio and is a columnist and author.  I introduced myself and told her about my grandfather Peter Young who lives in Hudson, OH.  She is familiar with the name so that kind of shocked me.  I am glad she came down to Alabama and she gave a great speech and I will keep reading her columns.  By the way did you find where my car is?

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Newt Gingrich in Alabama

Newt Gingrich made a appearance in Pell City on Wednesday.  The crowd inside the Pell City Civic Center was huge and at standing room only.  Newt Gingrich talked about two big issues during his speech.  One was gas prices and the other was about Obama.

Yes the local media was here.

Callista Louise Gingrich coming out.

Here he comes.

Newt Gingrich started by saying Obama is living in a liberal fantasy world.  He also said Obama wants us to pay $8-10 a gallon for gas like people do in Europe.  He would like to debate Obama at any gas station and believes that Obama pitching algae would be a great SNL skit.  And Obama’s 9-9-9 plan would be $9.99 for a gallon of gas.

Gingrich wants to allow more drilling and biofuels to help lower the cost of a gallon of gas to around $2.50 a gallon.  He criticized the liberal news media and told the crowd he never wants to see an American president bow to a Saudi king ever again.  He told the crowd if Iran blocked oil shipments it would be an act of war.  He also said when America got to be energy independent he would tell the Europeans, Chinese, and Indians you have a energy problem.  And that Obama is anti oil; natural gas; coal; and gasoline.

He also told the crowd that America has a national security problem.  That the Muslim Brotherhood; Pakistan; and apologizing to the Middle East is bad for America.  America is sending around a trillion dollars overseas each year for energy.  And America needs to be energy independent.  A example was North Dakota which has a 3.5% unemployment rate.  And it has trouble finding workers and also has a huge budget surplus.  Gingrich wants to defeat Obama for the future of America.

Gingrich wants to fix laws; judges; and bureaucracies.  He wants Congress to repeal Obamacare and the Dood-Frank bill.  And he also wants to lessen government regulations.  If Gingrich is elected he would abolish the White House czars; approve the Keystone Pipeline; and move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on day one.  He would be a team player and change Washington.  While Romney and Santorum would play the same Washington game.  He encouraged his supporters to go on Facebook and Twitter and say; Newt = $2.50 gas.

Here he comes!

Memory for a lifetime.

Off he goes.

Remember people in Alabama and Mississippi.  Go vote on Tuesday March 13th!