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Animation Monday: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

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Everyone should remember the show Mister Rogers Neighborhood on PBS.  Fred Rogers was a great success on his show.  We saw him on each episode enter his home and while singing Won’t You Be My Neighbor he put on a sweater and changed his shoes.


Mister Rogers Neighborhood was a very creative show.  The show did not hold back on tough topics such as a goldfish dying, feeling angry, divorce, wars, and other tough topics. But it also had a good side as well.  Many episodes involved going out into everyday life.  We got to see how things were made and done.  Many factories, shops, experiments, arts and crafts, and other things were explored during the show’s run.  Tuning in seeing how things were made and done was a highlight on the show.  And the piano and drum music all throughout the show was great as well.  By the way if you not seen the Epic Rap Battle of History between Mister Rogers and Mr. T.  See it below!

Each episode involved a trip to the Land of Make Believe by way of the neighborhood trolley.  That was the best part of the entire show.  Some of the favorite characters were King Friday XIII; Queen Sara Saturday; Prince Tuesday; X the Owl; Henrietta Pussycat; Lady Elaine Fairchilde; and Daniel Striped Tiger; among others.  Here is a video of the entire Make Believe set before going into storage.

Well one of the characters out of the Land of Make Believe is going to be the main feature of the new show Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.  Check out the theme song below for this show, and tune in.


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