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Sunday Discussion: How China Broke The World’s Recycling

I love to recycle when I can, along with many other people.  But, did you know that many recyclable things went to China?  And that China is now restricting recyclable things from […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: How Long-Haul Trucking Works

Mostly everything you buy has to be delivered by a long-haul trucker, that’s a fact!  Wendover Productions explores how long-haul trucking works.  And also explores the changes coming to trucking that could […]

Trainscapes: Amtrak’s Grand Plan For Profitability

We know that Amtrak has been struggling for years to be profitable.  But, with Congress looking into cuts, could many of Amtrak’s long distance trains that serves small communities be cut for […]

Explore The US Government Program That Pays For Your Flights

Did you know that the USA Government actually pays the airlines some money for some flights across the USA?  The program is called the essential air service.  It’s a U.S. government program […]

See How Airlines Decide Where to Fly Around The World

Airlines run a very big business, and to stay profitable, they must decide where to fly or what routes to cut on a constant basis.  If a route is not used by […]

Watch The Insane Logistics of Formula 1

If you watch Formula 1, you know the race schedule takes teams all around the world.  But, have you ever wondered how the teams pack up all their equipment for races on […]

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