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Half Of Americans Can’t Swim According To The American Red Cross

You would think kids would get the chance to learn how to swim.  But sadly, there are people in America who does not know how to swim, and it’s a lot of […]

Being Dehydrated Makes You Dumber, Stay Hydrated During The Summer

With the unofficial start of Summer now here, if you are going to be outside and working in the hot weather, you must stay hydrated!  You hear it all the time, take […]

The Real Dangers Of Belly-Flops And High Dives

Many people find the belly-flop and high dive amusing as they watch someone else do them.  But did you know that doing a belly-flop or a high dive can cause severe damage […]

Don’t Let Georgia Steal Water From the Tennessee River

Georgia, Georgia, Georgia.  Especially the Atlanta Metro.  You have been allowing unlimited amounts of growth for the past 50 years.  The growth is getting so big now that you are now running […]

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