Video Roundup

It’s Time for Video Roundup.  The best web videos I have seen in the last week.

Video Game Planets

Try to guess them all.

If Video Games Were Real

We would be in trouble.

Push to Add Drama

Great promotion for TNT.

3D Chocolate Printer

This looks good to eat.

The Hipster Games

Let the killing begin!

Static Flow of Water

This is amazing.

Jedi Grandma

This is weird.

Inside Foxconn

Wonder how iPads are made?

Leaked Burger King Ads

Just wow!

Hey Arnold! The Movie

This is one funny spoof ad!

Blowout Sale

Fake guns and weapons are fun!

I Used to Think

A rap about being a kid.

Pimp My Horse

This is weird!

Double Dutch Dog

This is some amazing skills!

Cat Opens Freezer

This is amazing the cat can do this.

Fight on NYC Train

This was not good.

7 Year Old Pizza Tosser

This is great!

Celebrity For the Day

This was a great prank!

We Are Young

Great video!

Put a Job On It

Great video for mayor.