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Sunday Discussion: From Paradise To Hell: Trapped At A Music Festival Because Of COVID-19

One thing is for sure, the days of these international and off-beat music festivals are dead for a while.  In fact, any music festival or concert is likely dead for a while […]

The Evening Post: Getting Arrested For A Sticker On His Car | WTFLORIDA

I am loving this new series from VICE which tells the stories of weird things happening in the state of Florida.  Dillon Shane Webb purchased a bumper sticker in May of 2019.  […]

Learn The Secret History Of Cabbage Patch Kids

Remember the craze of the Cabbage Patch Kids?  Back in the day, they were the hottest toy you could find!  And even today, people still remember these dolls.  I have even been to […]

See How It’s Like To Eat MRE’s From An Marine

Folks in the US Military are familiar with the MRE (Meal, Ready-to-Eat), so if you were wondering what’s inside and what it tastes like, this video is for you!  The YouTube channel Munchies had […]

Sunday Discussion: 18 Oklahoma Teachers Explain Why They Quit For Good

In some states, education funding has been cut so much that schools and teachers are suffering.  Some teachers have to work a second or third job to survive.  And some school districts […]

Sunday Discussion: You Should Subscribe To The Munchies Channel

I have a favorite new YouTube channel dedicated to food called Munchies!  The channel is from Vice and was launched in 2014.  Munchies offers groundbreaking content from a youth driven perspective.  In today’s modern […]

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