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Geek Alabama Pets: Loyal Horse And Her Mom Have The Strongest Bond

As you can see, every animal can form a strong and tight bond with a human.  From The Dodo, comes a story of a horse with a strong bond with her mom.  […]

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Geek Alabama Pets: Look What These Pitties Did For Their Veteran Dad

From The Dodo Soulmates, comes a story of pitties.  Noah and Lincoln love their dad, and their dad loves them just as much! They helped him transition back to civilian life after […]

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Geek Alabama Pets: Wolf Dog Who Growls At Everyone Else Snuggles With His Best Friend

Here is an awesome animal video from The Dodo.  Yuki is 87% gray wolf and he is very particular about the people he chooses to add to his pack, but when he […]

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