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The Evening Post: If Disney Princesses Were Southern

If you see a Disney Princess, and if they came from the South, yeah they would be very different from the movies.  Let It’s A Southern Thing show you how Disney Princesses […]

The Evening Post: When Your Disney Trip Gets Canceled

So, Disney world has begun to reopen.  But, because Florida has become a COVID-19 hotspot, who in the world wants to go right now anyways?  The folks from It’s A Southern Thing […]

The Evening Post: The Types Of Southern Campers

The bug hater, the survivalist, the newbie with the gear, and the car escape, these are some of the types of people you might find when you camp in the south.  Let […]

The Evening Post: The Post-Quarantine Life

Honestly, it all goes downhill after you shed the pajama skin.  It’s A Southern Thing shows us what the post-quarantine life will be like.  And it’s a lot of mask wearing and […]

The Evening Post: 2020 Is The Worst Year

Yep, compared to other years, it seems like 2020 is the worst year ever.  It’s A Southern Thing decided to have a worst year ever web chat.  2020 needs a reset button.  […]

The Evening Post: Types Of People Who Work From Home

The one who can’t use technology, the one who has dogs, the excited introvert, and the sad extrovert, these are the types of people you might find while working at home, which […]

The Evening Post: The Rain Must Be Stopped

It’s becoming an epidemic, too much rain in the south.  It’s rain, rain, and more rain.  And people are getting tired of it.  The folks from It’s A Southern Thing found the […]

The Evening Post: If Genies Were Southern

So if genies were real, and were based in the south, what would they say and do?  It’s A Southern Thing explores what would happen if southern genies actually existed.  Enjoy below!

The Evening Post: If Your Town Had A Fashion Show

As they say, Paris Fashion Week ain’t got nuthin’ on these timeless Southern looks.  Let It’s A Southern Thing show you some common fashions you might find someone wearing in the south.  […]

The Evening Post: If Your Parents’ Lies Were True

Can you grow a watermelon inside your body?  Can businesses can check your school permanent record?  Can the lies that your parents told you ever be true?  Let the folks from It’s […]

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