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The Evening Post: When People Find Out You’re Southern

Y’all really think we came from a different planet.  It’s A Southern Thing talks about why people from different areas think southern people are interesting.  Enjoy below!

The Evening Post: Southern Double Names Are Exhausting

I don’t have a double name.  But I imagine for those that do, at times their double name can be exhausting and confusing at times.  It’s A Southern Thing shows us the […]

The Evening Post: Which Type of Friend Are You

So, which type of friend are you?  It’s A Southern Thing describes a wide variety of friend type scenarios you might find.  Enjoy below!

The Evening Post: Applying For A Southern Card

Can you name your BBQ type?  Or your college football team?  Yeah, you need to know stuff like that in the south.  It’s A Southern Thing parodies what it could be like […]

The Evening Post: When People From Small Towns Meet

Did you hear of that small town that you have no clue where it’s at?  Let’s have a small town off!  It’s A Southern Thing talks about how truly small a town […]

The Evening Post: When Influencers Hit Rock Bottom

Yeah, this pandemic is wrecking havoc on everyone, including influencers.  It’s A Southern Thing shows us what happened to two influencers that hit rock bottom.  Enjoy below!

The Evening Post: The 2020 Time Machine

If you invented a time machine that only took you back to any time period in 2020, where would you go?  Would you hog all the sanitizer wipes?  Would you get all […]

The Evening Post: If Disney Princesses Were Southern

If you see a Disney Princess, and if they came from the South, yeah they would be very different from the movies.  Let It’s A Southern Thing show you how Disney Princesses […]

The Evening Post: When Your Disney Trip Gets Canceled

So, Disney world has begun to reopen.  But, because Florida has become a COVID-19 hotspot, who in the world wants to go right now anyways?  The folks from It’s A Southern Thing […]

The Evening Post: The Types Of Southern Campers

The bug hater, the survivalist, the newbie with the gear, and the car escape, these are some of the types of people you might find when you camp in the south.  Let […]

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