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The Evening Post: This Is Your Brain After Thirty

Are you suffering from Thirties Brain?  As someone who will soon turn 35, this is a video I might need to take seriously.  It’s A Southern Thing talks about Thirty Brain, and […]

The Evening Post: Why Does Anyone Live In The South?

So, why would anyone want to live in the south?  In the Summer, the south is like a humidifier test facility…but in hell.  And there are the termites, fire ants, kudzu, and […]

The Evening Post: If Mom Was A Marvel Superhero

In time for Mother’s Day 2021, It’s A Southern Thing brings us Southern Marvels.  This superhero is The Marvelous Mom, and as you can guessed, it celebrates moms and raising children.  This […]

The Evening Post: Southern Accents Are Tough

Yep, some words are hard to spell, the only thing that could make a spelling bee harder is a strong Southern accent.  See how simple you can mess up the word “pin” […]

The Evening Post: Types Of People On A Diet

From It’s A Southern Thing, its a new year and that means people try to go onto a diet.  They encourage people to diet. That means there’s more ice cream for the […]

The Evening Post: How To Find The Best BBQ In The South

Need to know how to find the best BBQ in the south?  Let It’s A Southern Thing show you the best ways from experts on how to find the best BBQ anywhere […]

The Evening Post: When People Find Out You’re Southern

Y’all really think we came from a different planet.  It’s A Southern Thing talks about why people from different areas think southern people are interesting.  Enjoy below! Click to rate this post! […]

The Evening Post: Southern Double Names Are Exhausting

I don’t have a double name.  But I imagine for those that do, at times their double name can be exhausting and confusing at times.  It’s A Southern Thing shows us the […]

The Evening Post: Which Type of Friend Are You

So, which type of friend are you?  It’s A Southern Thing describes a wide variety of friend type scenarios you might find.  Enjoy below! Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: […]

The Evening Post: Applying For A Southern Card

Can you name your BBQ type?  Or your college football team?  Yeah, you need to know stuff like that in the south.  It’s A Southern Thing parodies what it could be like […]

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