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The Evening Post: Sherpa And K’eyush Meet One Last Time Before Lockdown

These two dogs are best friends.  And they might be among the best dog duo on the internet.  Watch below as Sherpa And K’eyush meet before the UK goes to lockdown again.

Geek Alabama Pets: Why I Can NEVER Say My Husky’s Best Friend’s Name

Dogs have incredible memory!  YouTube channel K’eyush The Stunt Dog shows you why you can’t mention the word Sherpa to Keyush.  I love happy dogs!

Geek Alabama Pets: Huskies Reunited With Each Other After Months Apart

Best friends goals, even if they are dogs.  Siberian huskies K’eyush and Sherpa have been best friends for years.  They get really excited when they see each other!  But because of the […]

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