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The Evening Post: SEC Shorts – Arkansas And Missouri Get The Bad News About Their Schedules

There were always going to be winners and losers when the SEC announced it would assign two additional conference games to each team’s 10 game schedule for the 2020 season; it just […]

The Evening Post: SEC Shorts – SEC Teams Get Their Final Season Report Cards

The end of the 2019 season has finally arrived and now SEC teams must look around and evaluate how they did. Lucky for them, their teacher is providing them with end of […]

The Evening Post: SEC Shorts – Alabama Learns He’s Been Kicked Out Of The Playoff Club

Yep, Alabama is out of the playoff hunt.  SEC Shorts of course has to talk about this!  It was a tough weekend for the Alabama Crimson Tide. First they lose an Iron […]

The Evening Post: SEC Shorts – What If Tennessee’s 2019 Season Played Like A Boxing Movie

It was a tough road early on for the Tennessee Volunteers in the 2019 season. After two embarrassing losses to Georgia State and BYU to open the season, many wrote off the […]

The Evening Post: SEC Shorts – Thank You, Tua

As we all know, Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa suffered a hip injury, and has had surgery to repair it.  It will be a long road to recovery, and the folks from SEC […]

Watch How SEC Shorts Had LSU Bury Alabama

We know the outcome, LSU went into Bryant-Denny Stadium and beat Alabama.  And you know the folks from SEC Shorts had to make a video about this.  Below, you get to see […]

The Evening Post: SEC Shorts – Funeral Held For Florida’s Lost SEC East Hopes

Welp, Florida lost to Georgia and Florida’s hopes to win the SEC East are pretty much gone for 2019.  So it’s time to hold a funeral to the Florida Gators football team.  […]

The Evening Post: SEC Shorts – LSU Calls Up Alabama In Horror Film Style

It’s Halloween week, so let’s feature something that could scare a few Alabama fans.  SEC Shorts did a trash-talking type video where a LSU fan is calling up Alabama in typical horror […]

The Evening Post: SEC Shorts – Georgia Hides South Carolina Loss From Playoff

It was a rough day in Athens this past Saturday as South Carolina rolled into town and spoiled the Bulldog’s perfect season. What was once a Georgia team that was a sure […]

The Evening Post: SEC Shorts – What If SEC Teams Had Their Fortune Read Before Season

The SEC is a tough conference to play in.  So, what if some fans of their favorite teams went to a fortune teller machine for predictions?  SEC Shorts did just that as […]

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