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The Evening Post: I Won’t Vote Trump! – Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Yep, I really love this!  Enjoy the latest parody from Randy Rainbow called I Won’t Vote Trump, and I certainly will vote for someone else.  Enjoy below!

The Evening Post: Poor Deplorable Troll – A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Wow, this is like one of those songs a villain sings in those Disney movies.  Watch Randy Rainbow featuring the new song “Poor Deplorable Troll” below!

Good News Fridays: Cover Your Freakin’ Face – Randy Rainbow

What good news there is right now?  Anyways, enjoy the latest song from Randy Rainbow called “Cover Your Freakin’ Face” below!

The Evening Post: Distraction – A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Wow, Randy Rainbow has done another amazing parody!  Watch his latest song called “Distraction” below!

The Evening Post: A Spoonful Of Clorox – A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

I just love this!  Randy Rainbow made a parody of the Spoonful of Sugar song by making fun of some advice our president said.  Yep, taking a spoonful of Clorox makes your […]

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