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Foodie Saturdays: Josh Makes A Popeye’s Fried Chicken Burrito

Today, Josh is showing you how to create the Popeye’s Breakfast Burrito from the GMM episode, Will It Breakfast Burrito?  And honestly, this looks really good!  See how to make it below! […]

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Aspie Reviews: Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich Vs. Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich

Great news!  Popeye’s will return their super popular chicken sandwich on Sunday, November 3rd.  Yep, the day of the week when Chick-fil-A is closed.  I am sure Popeye’s all around the country […]

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Foodie Saturdays: Adults React To New Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

Wow, the reaction to Popeye’s new chicken sandwich has been extreme.  So extreme, the company ran out of their supplies in less than three weeks.  But do not fear, you can watch […]

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Foodie Saturdays: 10 Popeye’s Secrets That You Will Actually Want To Know

Who loves that chicken from Popeye’s?  I love their spicy chicken and their biscuits!  Popeye’s makes some of the best fast-food chicken, and the folks from BabbleTop shares these 10 Secrets about […]

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Watch Someone Rank Fast Food Fried Chicken In Bless Your Rank

Here in the south, we have plenty of wonderful fast-food fried chicken places.  But, which fast-food place has the best bone-in fried chicken?  Watch below as the It’s A Southern Thing series […]

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Sunday Discussion: KFC or Popeyes — Back Porch Bickerin’

On this Sunday Discussion, on a Monday, let’s have a debate between KFC and Popeye’s.  The folks from the It’s a Southern Thing YouTube channel have a new episode on their Back Porch […]

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