Animation Monday: Phineas and Ferb Platypus Day 2013 Episodes

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This year for Platypus Day; Disney Channel and Disney ūüėĄ aired two special episodes of Phineas and Ferb that were focusing on the life of Perry the Platypus. ¬†In the first episode titled “Sidetracked”, Agent P goes to Canada and teams up with a former partner, a human agent named Lyla, to stop a hijacked train running along the US/Canadian border.


Perry was in Seattle chasing three criminals on his Platy-bike, that was a cool bike!  Soon the chase enters Canada and Perry has to abort the mission because Perry does not have jurisdiction in Canada.   C.O.W.C.A. agent Lyla Lolliberry takes over the chase but she detaches the metal arm the hook is attached to, allowing the criminals to escape.  During the episode, we see the Danville human characters but their faces are not shown.  Perry uses a tree to enter his lair while crushing a car at the same time.

His assignment is he must protect Albert the Moose, Canada’s national symbol, in order to preserve the upcoming Canada Day ceremonies. ¬†However, Albert is riding a train on the U.S.-Canada border, and Perry only has jurisdiction on one side of the train, so Perry will be teaming up with Lyla again. ¬†Remember; Perry has some bad blood over Lyla.


Perry and Lyla arrive at the train at the same time, and they drop into a fine dining car, sharing a booth with¬†Dr. Doofenshmirtz. ¬†Doofenshmirtz points out that they are currently trapped by societal convention – you can’t make a scene in a fine dining establishment – and that he’s participating in a U.S.-Canada evil exchange program, where he and a Canadian villain will trade evil schemes for a day. ¬†Doofenshmirtz promptly reveals his scheme: he has tied up the conductor and hijacked the train using his remote control Train Operator-inator, where he will hand over Albert to his exchange partner, ruining the Canada Day celebration.

Lyla and Perry foils Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s societal convention and a chase in and on top of the train begins. ¬†Somehow Doofenshmirtz escapes and Lyla and Perry falls off the train. ¬†Lyla immediately notices a handcar next to the track, but Perry tries to operate it himself, slowing them down. ¬†Lyla teaches Perry how to operate it, and as they¬†travel down the tracks, she metaphorically equates the handcar to teamwork: she and Perry have to work together to stop Doofenshmirtz. ¬†The song “On A Handcar” was very good!


Lyla and Perry catches up to the train while passengers are¬†recording¬†them on their phones. ¬†Doofenshmirtz’s cell phone alerts him to the trending video, and he starts watching it just as Perry kicks him in the face. ¬†During another chase on top of the train, Dr. Doof smashes the remote when the train enters the tunnel. ¬†Now the train is out of control. ¬†Back inside the train,¬†Lyla immediately realizes there’s an emergency break in the engine car, and Doofenshmirtz decides to join the two agents in their attempt to stop the train.

The passengers are ordered to the back of the train and the¬†caboose¬†is¬†separated¬†from the runaway train. ¬†Then¬†a large claw grabs the caboose and lifts it into the air. ¬†Lyla and Perry¬†rapple their way into the chopper, Doofenshmirtz climbing up behind them. ¬†Bannister reveals that he’s not actually Canadian: he’s from Greenland. ¬†His goal is to remedy the lack of Greenlandic national pride by causing Canadians to forget their national identity, allowing him to annex Canada for Greenland and institute his own pride-producing changes to his homeland, such as¬†a new national anthem. ¬†Then we get to see a great fight scene with a song in the background. ¬†Dr. Doof doesn’t care about the fight, he’s playing cards with the other¬†criminals.


Perry and Lyla trick the bad robots into magnetically attracting each other through the chopper roof, defeating them. ¬†Bannister, realizing he’s lost, throws his Greenland flag on the two agents and parachutes away, but is immediately captured by¬†Peter the Panda¬†in an¬†O.W.C.A.¬†plane. ¬†Lyla brings the caboose-carrying chopper to the Canada Day celebration and the¬†Canadians¬†can celebrate!


We then get to see a very weird scene when Lyla, Perry, Major Monogram, Carl, Dr. Doof, and Peter watch Niagara Falls.  I thought Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee was a good voice for Lyla.  And I enjoyed the action in the episode!


In the other episode titled “Primal Perry”, Perry comes face to face¬†with an Australian platypus hunter named Liam set out on destroying him. ¬†Perry gets his mission when Major Monogram and Carl briefs him in the house vents. ¬†Perry gets handcuffed to Dr. Doof and Liam begins the hunt! ¬†Perry almost gets killed by Liam but some older people stops Liam because he destroyed the Danville Community Gardens. ¬†I liked how Dr. Doof breaks the fourth wall when him and Perry were falling down the waterfall. ¬†You knew a¬†commercial¬†break was coming!


In the other part of the episode;¬†Baljeet is having an existential emergency and finds himself incapable of making decisions, so Phineas and Ferb create an infinite probability generator that will allow Baljeet to make as many choices as he pleases without being affected by the consequences. ¬†This results in many Baljeets who almost destroys Buford. ¬†I will not go into much detail in this episode because it aired on Disney ūüėĄ and will air on Disney Channel later this month. ¬†But I thought the episode was good!


Before this post wraps up; I participated in an online chat with Dan Povenmire and Jeff “Swampy” Marsh last Friday. ¬†Some episodes coming up in season four includes the Marvel Crossover where Phineas and Ferb helps to bring back the superheroes powers! ¬†I can’t wait for that to air this Summer!


Some other episodes includes Isabella’s Birthday, two Halloween¬†special¬†episodes this October, a return to the 2nd¬†dimension, and a special song about Isabella that will come out in 2014. ¬†There are many people who loves the Phineas and Isabella relationship. ¬†The creators know this and loves to play around with that! ¬†We still have plenty of Phineas and Ferb to see in the future! ¬†This is one of those animated series that is not going anywhere soon!

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Dr. Seuss Birthday / Happy Platypus Day 2013


Dr. Seuss Birthday


Today is Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel)¬†109th¬†birthday! ¬†Dr. Seuss is considered one of the greatest children‚Äôs book writers and illustrators of all time. ¬†Having published 46 picture books, The National Educational Association adopted his birthday, March 2, as National Read Across America Day. ¬†Since today is Saturday and schools are out, many schools¬†participated in National Read Across America day on Friday! ¬†Here is Rick and Bubba reading the classic Dr. Seuss book “Green Eggs and Ham!”

So what are my favorite Dr. Seuss books?  There are so many I could choose from but these five have a special connection to me!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

A classic.  A Christmas tradition every year!

The Cat in the Hat

Dr. Seuss most famous story!

The Sneetches and Other Stories

I always liked this story!  I also loved the The Zax.

Green Eggs and Ham

Will you try the green eggs and ham?

There’s A Wocket in My Pocket

This story used to scare me!


Happy Platypus Day 2013!


It’s Platypus Day!  The first Saturday in March has been designed as an unofficial holiday to celebrate the teal colored; beaver tail; teeth chattering platypus we all know and love.  Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb has become a very popular character across the world.  Why should you like him you ask?

Perry the Platypus kicks butt, defeats Dr.¬†Doofenshmirtz all the time, cares about Phineas and Ferb, and even has his own theme song! ¬†He‚Äôs a semi aquatic, egg-laying mammal of action! ¬†This year’s dance from Disney is a parody of the song Y.M.C.A. from The Village People. ¬†This song titled “The Agents of O.W.C.A.” is an okay song. ¬†I liked last year’s song The Platypus Walk more than this one! ¬†Have a look!

The Phineas and Ferb crew even got into the Harlem Shake craze!  I really liked this one!

Happy Platypus Day 2012!

Now off of the sad news. ¬†It’s Platypus Day! ¬†The first Saturday in March has been designed as an¬†unofficial¬†holiday to celebrate the teal colored; beaver tail; teeth chattering platypus we all know and love. ¬†Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb has become a very popular character across the world. ¬†Why is he so cool you ask?

He is a crime fighter. ¬†How many mammals ever get the chance to fight evil every day. ¬†Perry’s agent name is called Agent P and he fights the evil scientist Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz at his building called Doofenshmirtz¬†Evil Inc. (that is one popular evil jingle) ¬†And he kicks butt every time. ¬†Dr. Doof just can never learn how to defeat Agent P.

He really does care about Phineas and Ferb and their friends. ¬†Sure when they went to the 2nd dimension Phineas got angry but they worked together to defeat the robot invasion. ¬†It was sad to see Phineas and Ferb memories¬†erased. ¬†But Agent P has plenty of photos on that day to remember. ¬†You never know when Agent P will need Phineas and Ferb’s help again.

He has a huge fan following.  Disney is making a ton of money selling Phineas and Ferb merchandise.  Many adult sized t-shirts with Perry the Platypus or Phineas and Ferb has been sold.  I have seen lots of people wearing Phineas and Ferb shirts.  And with this series getting more popular I expect that number to grow.

Of course; how many crime fighters have their own theme song? ¬†Some of the most popular figures like James Bond and Indiana Jones have their own theme songs in which we hum in our heads often. ¬†Well you need to add the theme song for Perry the Platypus to that list. ¬†He’s a semi aquatic, egg-laying mammal of action!

So Disney wants us to all learn the new craze called the Platypus Walk. ¬†It is not a hard dance to learn and I wonder how many people will try to do it. ¬†I guess we will find out over the weekend. ¬†So enjoy learning the Platypus Walk and the all day marathon of Phineas and Ferb on Disney Channel and Disney ūüėĄ. ¬†And keep fighting crime Agent P.

Here is the video to learn the Platypus Walk.

And here is the official Platypus Walk music video.

Animation Monday: 3’s A Crowd

Thanks to San Diego Comic-Con for sending this magazine!

The Grammy’s

I know this has nothing to do with animation. ¬†This Sunday because of Whitney Houston’s death I watched The Grammy’s. ¬†I recorded all the animation domination cartoons on Fox to watch later. ¬†The tributes to Whitney Houston were great. ¬†I loved how the host LL Cool J began the show with a prayer. ¬†And the tribute by Jennifer Hudson was amazing. ¬†It made the entire audience speechless. ¬†Of course the big winner was Adele who took home many Grammy’s. ¬†And Adele’s performance of “Rolling in the Deep” was very good. ¬†Overall this year’s Grammy Awards show was great! ¬†And what was it with the weird Mickey Mouse look-alike during one of the performances? ¬†So this was a very good year for the Grammy’s and it¬†probably¬†set record ratings. ¬†We will know that on Monday.

Comic Book Men

A new show¬†premiered¬†on AMC after The Walking Dead. ¬†This show is about Kevin Smith’s Comic Book shop and it is filmed in New Jersey. ¬†I hate to say this but I found this show to be a rip-off of Pawn Stars on History Channel. ¬†Sure there were some good moments in the show. ¬†Like talking to each other in front of the microphones. ¬†And there were some great things brought in to the comic shop to be apprised. ¬†But this show is off to a slow start. ¬†And I can not¬†believe¬†that AMC is now going down the road of other cable channels by showing junk reality shows. ¬†Comic Books are loved by many people and the animation in them is great as well. ¬†But do we really need another reality show? ¬†I thought that Comic Book Men easily reminded me of the comic book guy on The Simpsons. ¬†Just very boring.

Latest Phineas and Ferb Episodes

I find you guys out there amazing. ¬†I put up a post about a month ago about the Phineas and Ferb time shift weekend. ¬†And there is still traffic coming in to read that post. ¬†Thank you all for reading Young’s Blog. ¬†I have had some weird search results from people like Dan Povenmire’s blog; Phineas and Ferb all grown up; Phineas and Ferb jewish. ¬†So as long as my posts bring in more people; the more the merrier. ¬†So last Friday Night the latest Phineas and Ferb episode was shown. ¬†And boy they were good.

The first episode Monster From the Id goes inside Candace‘s mind. ¬†And after what everyone saw; I just hope that her mind is not like every other teenage girl’s mind. ¬†Candace’s mind is filled with¬†anxiety; pretty girl stuff; thinking about¬†Jeremy; Phineas and Ferb as pray; and getting eaten by some weird Candace monster. ¬†By the way; why does Dr. Doof not throw away his old underwear. ¬†It looks very bad on him. ¬†And that was one very creative inator Dr. Doof built only to see it¬†destroyed¬†by Agent P.

The second episode Gi-Ants sees Phineas and Ferb building a human size ant farm. ¬†The kids are sprayed with ant¬†perfume before entering to play along with the ants. ¬†But Candace is spayed¬†repeatedly¬†with the ant perfume and the ants make her the queen. ¬†Then the ants gets more¬†involved¬†with things like gardening; the industrial revolution; overthrowing Candace; and flying into space with their ant farm turned into a turkey. ¬†Dr. Doof’s inator would become very handy during Thanksgiving. ¬†No more cooking turkeys! ¬†And Linda being dressed as the Statue of Liberty is just great!

By the way on March 3rd it’s Platypus¬†Day. ¬†And Disney is wanting people to do the platypus walk; just watch these two videos below. ¬†More of this will be coming soon on Young’s Blog.

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