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Go Inside A Conference Telling People That The Earth Is Flat

We all know the Earth is round, I mean, its taught very early in a child’s education.  But, there are some people out there that are very convinced that the Earth is […]

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Hey Look, Planet Earth Might Soon Have An International Flag

So, do you think that planet Earth should have its own flag?  It might soon have one!   Oskar Pernefeldt created the planetary flag as a graduation project at Beckmans College of […]

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Check Out 10 Forbidden Places You Are Not Allowed To Visit

How about something quick?  The YouTube channel Matthew Santoro did a 10 minute long video showing you 10 places on Planet Earth that you are not allowed to visit!  Yes, Area 51 is on […]

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View The What If 100 People Were Left On Planet Earth Infographic

What if only 100 people were left on Earth?  What is their race, gender, and overall outcome in life?  In this infographic called “What If 100 People Were Left On Planet Earth.” […]

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