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Animation Monday: The Snoopy Show — Official Trailer

Welcome to Animation Monday.  Each week, we feature something in the animation and cartoon world.  Animation has become a very popular format in today’s world, and Geek Alabama loves to feature animation […]

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Take A Look Of 65 Years Of Peanuts History In This Trailer

Today, The Peanuts Movie comes out in theaters!  To get ready for the movie, a trailer is out that looks at 65 years of Peanuts history. The trailer highlights some of the moments […]

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Kid President And The Peanuts Movie Explores Life As A Comic Book

Yes, everyone is getting hyped for The Peanuts Movie that comes out next Friday!  To get you even more hyped, Kid President from the SoulPancake YouTube channel explores life as being like a comic […]

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UNICEF And The Peanuts Movie Are Teaming Up For The Trick-or-Treat For UNICEF Campaign

When you go trick-or-treating this weekend, you can also help raise funds for a great organization!  The Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF campaign is celebrating its 65th anniversary in 2015.  And they are joining forces […]

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Animation Monday: Meghan Trainor – Better When I’m Dancin’

This week on Animation Monday, let’s feature a brand new music video from Meghan Trainor, and this video is all about dancing!  In Meghan’s new song called “Better When I’m Dancin’”, you […]

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Catch The Second Trailer To The Peanuts Movie

Another trailer for the upcoming Peanuts movie is now out!  And this looks very good!  The movie is coming out on November 6th, and you will the entire Peanuts gang see a […]

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An Animation Monday Christmas: My Favorite Christmas Specials

  We see Christmas every year.  And we will really enjoy all of those Christmas TV and movies specials we see each year.  But I have a list of my favorite Christmas animated specials that […]

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Animation Monday: Top Veterans Day Cartoons

Since we are celebrating Veterans Day I wanted to talk about cartoons that salute the military!  Yes some past animated shows have done an episode saluting the people who protect America.  Here […]

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Animation Monday: Are Peanuts Bad?

This is my Animation Monday piece being put out on a Wednesday.  And I am glad I waited to write this today.  Buzz Bishop, otherwise known as DadCamp, wrote on the website […]

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