Video Roundup

It’s time for Video Roundup.  The best web videos I have seen in the last week.  I have not done much web viewing this week because of being sick.  But here are the videos I have enjoyed.

Legalize Everything

Vote for this guy!

Off the Wall Video

A video using mostly hands.

S**T Cancer Patients Say

This is a interesting video.

I Wanna Dance With Somebody 

This was recorded before Whitney Houston died.

Dubstep Violin

This is some very good talent.

Make A Wish Suprise

The kid’s reaction is great.

Mountain Impact

A guy flying off the mountain hits the mountain.

Yosemite Waterfall

The colors are amazing!

Extreme Bike Race

This race is very extreme!

The Periodic Table

That is made out of wood.

Pat the Cat

This is a cute cat!

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