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Animation Monday: Thoughts On Summer 2014 Cartoons

On this Animation Monday, on a Tuesday, I am catching up by briefly recapping some cartoons I like!  Some cartoons have premiered a new season while other cartoons wrapped up their season, […]

Watch The Hub Network’s My Little Pony Maleficent Spoof Trailer

As you know, the Disney movie Maleficent is coming out on Friday May 30th, and it looks like it’s going to be a great movie, and a movie you should go see […]

Animation Monday: Littlest Pet Shop Season 2 Finale

Last weekend, the Hub Network showed the finale of season two of Littlest Pet Shop, which is growing and becoming one of the top original series on the Hub Network.  The first […]

Animation Monday: Eight Kids Cartoons Adults Watch Infographic

On this Animation Monday, on a Tuesday, I am presenting a new Geek Alabama infographic that all animation fans should love!  These days, not watching a kid’s cartoon because it’s for kids is […]

Animation Monday: 2013 Year In Review – Geek Alabama’s Top Animation

  2013 has been a great year in the animation fields.  The animators on many shows have stepped up their games this year!  And the animation on cartoons is fantastic!  So here […]

A Couple More Auburn Iron Bowl Reactions, Plus A Inspiring Mom

Right before Christmas gets here, I have a couple more Auburn videos from that amazing Iron Bowl win!  Let’s get started with the Christmas Card video from Auburn President Jay Gogue.  Some […]

Animation Monday: Littlest Pet Shop Season 2

November is going to be a big month for the Hub Network.  You have shows like R.L. Stine: The Haunting Hour, Spooksville, and Sabrina airing new episodes.  Later in the month, you […]

Animation Monday: Littlest Pet Shop

Now back to our regularly scheduled posts!  Hasbro and The Hub can not rely on ponies forever for ratings and toy sales.  In the 1990’s, the Littlest Pet Shop toy line was […]

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