Learn How You Can Ice Skate In Railroad Park In Brrrmingham

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In Railroad Park in downtown Birmingham, if you enjoy the cold and Winter season, like I do, you can lace up some skates and enjoy the downtown high-rise buildings on an ice skating rink!  That’s right, an ice skating rink!  Birmingham has turned into Brrrmingham!

Open through January 16th, the 50′ x 70′ outdoor rink is located on Railroad Park’s 17th Street Plaza for all to enjoy. The rink is open seven days a week, including Christmas and New Years. The Boxcar is fully stocked with hot chocolate and other cold weather fare. Railroad Park is also hosting birthday parties, holiday parties, and corporate gatherings at the rink.

The park will also host different theme nights open to the public, including “Tacky Sweater Night,” “UAB Blazer Night,” “Neon Night,” etc.  Tickets are $10 per person for a 2 hour session on the rink including the skate rental!  Two hour sessions begin at 11 am on weekdays and 10 am on Friday and Saturday.

Here is a short video and pictures I took at the rink.  No, I don’t know how to skate and will not risk falling over multiple times!  Learn more at: http://railroadpark.org/iceskating.php

Ice skating at Railroad Park, it's Brrrrmingham tonight!

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The Evening Post: Birmingham Winter Storm Videos

Geek Alabama Evening Post

In this Evening Post, I have three videos from people documenting the crazy winter storm that hit Birmingham Alabama.  In this first video from Aaron Spigner, who is the lead videographer and video editor for Hoffman Media.  He attached a camera to his car and documents his crazy ride back home during the snow.

In this second video from the YouTube channel Kevin Henderson,  this guy took a personal drone-like vehicle, a quadcopter, with a GoPro camera and recorded different areas of Birmingham during the shut down like Interstate 20 and 459. The most striking shots are the night shots of the interstates from the first night and all of those stranded cars!

If you had nothing to worry about, then this video from the YouTube channel Kat Herring was fun!  Yep, they are ice skating in the streets of Birmingham!

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