Tag: Hurricane Dorian

Sunday Discussion: Cat-5 Hurricane Dorian Smashes The Bahamas Before And After

Some people did ride out a category 5 hurricane smashing through parts of The Bahamas, and that included a few storm chasers.  Josh Morgerman, better known as iCyclone, documented his experience through […]

Good News Fridays: Six-Year-Old Jermaine Bell Surprised With Dream Walt Disney World Trip

I love stories like this!  Six-year-old Jermaine Bell of Jacksonville, Fla., spent more than a year saving money for an upcoming birthday trip to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. However, Hurricane […]

The Evening Post: Major Damage Video From Grand Abaco Bahamas

Today the first videos was posted from the damage zone in Grand Abaco, Bahamas.  And the damage is catastrophic.  The video was taken by Brandon Clement from Live Storms Media.  The people […]

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