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Geek Alabama Pets: 15 Interesting Horse Facts You Probably Never Knew

This is Geek Alabama Pets.  Each week, we will feature an interesting video or post featuring people’s pets, animals, and interesting creatures! YouTuber Stephanie Moratto gets random questions about horses all the […]

See How Helping Horses Alabama Is Helping Homeless Horses

UPDATE: This story is written by Lynn Sampson from Alabama NewsCenter.  Learn more at: http://alabamanewscenter.com Dozens of horses roam the 100 rolling acres of Six Brier Farm. Most of them have a checkered past […]

View These GoPro Videos Featuring Wild Mustangs And Lions

I am writing this post while watching Super Bowl 49.  But I have seen these two videos from GoPro and they were worth sharing!  The first video features Clay Nannini, who runs […]

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