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How Much Dental Damage Can Halloween Candy Do?

In just a few short days, trick-or-treaters will be on a mission to collect as many pieces of candy as they can. Meanwhile, the adults in their lives will spend part of […]

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The Evening Post: Top 10 Most Popular Halloween Candy (Based On Sales)

Here’s a video list of the top 10 Most Popular Halloween Candy based on sales. A crazy amount of Halloween candy sells each year, but do you know the most popular ones […]

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See What Good Mythical Morning Determined As The Best Halloween Candy

Last year, the folks from Good Mythical Morning found the worst Halloween candy you can ever have.  This year, they wanted to find the best Halloween candy you can find.  Watch as […]

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Find Out Where Halloween Candy Is Cheaper, Wal-Mart Or Dollar Tree

Most of us need to go buy some Halloween candy to hand out to the trick-or-treaters, or to snack on themselves.  So, if you need to go buy some candy, which place […]

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See What Good Mythical Morning Determined As The Worst Halloween Candy

There are some great Halloween candy, then there are some horrible Halloween candies.  Watch as Rhett and Link from Good Mythical Morning determines bracket style which Halloween candy is the worst one […]

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Have Leftover Halloween Candy, Donate It To Operation Gratitude

When I went to take photos of trick-or-treating on Halloween night, I saw many houses with piles and piles of Halloween candy.  Now, there is a group called Operation Gratitude that is […]

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