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Music Thursdays: Tyler Butler-Figueroa Earns Simon Cowell’s Support

This is just amazing!  Tyler Butler-Figueroa went onto America’s Got Talent and was brilliant!  Tyler had to fight cancer, and because he had cancer he got bullied at school quite often.  Tyler […]

Music Thursdays: Susan Boyle On America’s Got Talent: The Champions

My gosh Susan Boyle!  She still has one amazing voice.  She came out onto the stage and sang “Wild Horses” and all the judges loved it, especially Simon.  It was 10 years […]

Music Thursdays: Flau’jae On America’s Got Talent

The live shows on America’s Got Talent start next week!  And on the last Judge Cuts episode this season, a 14-year-old rapper named Flau’jae sang a touching and heart-wrenching original titled “I Can’t Lose.”  Flau’jae […]

Music Thursdays: Voices Of Hope Children’s Choir On America’s Got Talent

Another choir on America’s Got Talent, this time compromised of all kids, is going to the live shows!  The Voices Of Hope Children’s Choir is a non-profit program made up of over 70 talented […]

Music Thursdays: Courtney Hadwin’s Audition On America’s Got Talent

So, when I watched this on NBC, I thought this girl would sing a slow-paced type of song.  I never expected she would sing the upbeat song from The Black Crowes called […]

Music Thursdays: America’s Got Talent Siro-A Golden Buzzer

This week on Music Thursdays, let’s talk about why Piers Morgan used his golden buzzer on America’s Got Talent!  Siro-A is a very talented dance group where they combine music, dance, and […]

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