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The Evening Post: Which Type of Friend Are You

So, which type of friend are you?  It’s A Southern Thing describes a wide variety of friend type scenarios you might find.  Enjoy below!

These Are Four Activities To Enjoy With Your Friends

Do you sometimes feel like you and your friends always do the same few things? Do you always go out for drinks, meet for lunch, or go to each other’s houses for […]

The Evening Post: Try Not To Eat Challenge – Friends

So many people love the sitcom Friends, so naturally the REACT Channel had to have some people try some food inspired from the show.  Do the people chow down, or push the […]

Sunday Discussion: What America’s Shopping Mall Decline Means For Social Space

For decades and decades, the place to go to do a lot of shopping, and to have a social gathering, was the local shopping mall.  Think about it, why did teenagers always […]

Watch This Amazing Short Film Called Victor

Sometimes we all have some down times in life, but we need to be reminded to not be angry.  In this short film called Victor, the short film is about imagination, solitude, and the […]

Good News Fridays: Friends Reunion On Jimmy Kimmel

This week, Jimmy Kimmel got to do a small Friends reunion with Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow.  So the show built a re-created set of the kitchen from Friends and Jimmy […]

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