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Foodie Saturdays: Adults React To New Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

Wow, the reaction to Popeye’s new chicken sandwich has been extreme.  So extreme, the company ran out of their supplies in less than three weeks.  But do not fear, you can watch […]

Watch Adults React To The First We Feast Series Hot Ones

If you have not seen a episode of the First We Feast series Hot Ones, you really need to watch!  In this video below, you will watch adults react from clips from […]

The Evening Post: Try Not To Eat Challenge – Friends

So many people love the sitcom Friends, so naturally the REACT Channel had to have some people try some food inspired from the show.  Do the people chow down, or push the […]

The Evening Post: Guess Which Burger Is The Impossible Burger Challenge

Can you guess which burger is the Impossible Burger by just looking and tasting five burgers in front of you?  The REACT Channel had people try five different burgers and guess which […]

Animation Monday: The Impossible Pixar Memory Test | Too Much Information

If you love the animated Pixar movies, and trivia, this video is for you!  The React channel from Fine Brothers Entertainment had reactors watch a clip with various facts about the Pixar […]

Foodie Saturdays: Guess Which Pizza Is A Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Challenge

Everyone is still talking about that Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza conspiracy theory.  So, could you spot the pizza from Chuck E. Cheese’s in a lineup of pizza’s from three national chains?  The […]

Watch Parents And Kids React To Mr. Rogers

This was sweet.  With the new movie Won’t You Be My Neighbor now out, Fine Brothers Entertainment got parents and kids together and showed clips from the best moments of the TV show […]

Sunday Discussion: Generations React To Gun Control In America

Time for Sunday Discussion, on a Monday!  So, with these latest shootings, the whole gun control debate in America has heated up to extreme levels.  You have people on both sides of […]

See Kids React To Old Vinyl Record Players

So, vinyl records are kind of making a comeback, even my mom is buying some.  But, for young kids, most probably have no clue what they are.  Leave it to Fine Brothers […]

Watch Teens React To Super Bowl Commercials 2018

Did you enjoy Super Bowl 52, and the commercials as well?  Fine Brothers Entertainment got several teens to react to some of the best ads.  And they even got to do the […]

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