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Today Is The Day of Action to Help Save Net Neutrality

Today is the day MANY websites across the internet including Geek Alabama will participate in the Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality.  Yes, there have been protests before, but this one […]

The FCC Passes Tough Net Neutrality Rules But The Fight Is Not Over

Well, it finally happened.  Today the FCC passed new tough rules to impose strict new regulations on Internet service providers (cable companies).  Internet Service Providers including landline and mobile carriers, will now be […]

Hey Internet, Congrats On Hopefully Keeping Net Neutrality

There has been a lot of debate over the whole Net Neutrality thing.  Mostly everyone on the internet, including me, wants the internet to remain free.  And not include so called “fast […]

Why Internet Slowdown Day Is Important For The Future Of The Internet

Today is Internet Slowdown Day, and since Geek Alabama focuses on more techy and geeky things, we are participating in this special day along with many other websites!  Sorry for the slowdown […]

Sunday Discussion: My Letter To The FCC About Net Neutrality

On this Sunday Discussion, on a Monday, I am catching up!  I am talking about my recent letter to the FCC about Net Neutrality.  As you know, the FCC is thinking about […]

Sunday Discussion: Net Neutrality Speech From John Oliver

The new HBO show Last Week Tonight With John Oliver is a great program to watch each week.  If you are too cheap to get HBO, you could subscribe to the Last Week […]

Animation Monday: The Death Of Traditional Saturday Morning Cartoons

Over the weekend, you might have heard a huge thump in the cartoon world.  The thump was the end of the traditional Saturday morning cartoon block on broadcast TV.  Since the early […]

Sunday Discussion: It’s Time For WJSU TV 40 To Come Back To East Alabama

WJSU-TV first signed on the air back in 1969, its studios were on Noble St. in downtown Anniston.  In fact, you can still see the sign on the building where the studios […]

Why The United States Must Keep Net Neutrality

This week, net neutrality has been in the news.  The reason, people are scared that the end of net neutrality might mean internet providers could discriminate on certain websites.  One website like […]

Why The Smartphone Kill Switch Is Needed Now

Kudos to the state of California and its lawmakers for the first step in passing a bill that would require mobile device manufacturers to build remote cutoffs into the hardware so a […]

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